lundi, novembre 06, 2006


"He should suffer the death penalty by hanging".

The trial of Saddam Hussein has ended with a condemnation for the former dictator. None of his courtroom theatrics have spared him the final judgement. He had often declared a preference for the more honourable death by firing squad but this too was denied. He will hang like a criminal - his life taken by others. The hanging wil be a final act that proves that the moustachoed leader controls nothing now... not even his own life.

The debate has begun now between the US and the EU regarding the punishment itself. The EU block does not favour capital punishment and argues for lifetime prison sentences. The US has an altogether different opinion of the death penalty. Probably Bush's men believe that part of the "Democracy for Export" package is in fact the introduction of the death penalty - Duh!merican Democracy has not ceased to amaze people since De Tocqueville toured the States a couple of centuries back.

Now it is the turn of the Iraqi's to be amazed. I doubt that many of them believe that their troubles will be over the moment the neckbone cracks and the Rais breathes his last breath. On the other hand, if they are lucky enough and with a couple of well timed appeals they will probably have the noose around the Rais' neck just in time for the Presidential elections.

Allahuakbar... and please do find time to Bless America.

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