lundi, novembre 13, 2006

David and Lorniath

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It's a sad day for j'accuse when we resort to this sorry kind of title. We are aware of its sorriness however and that is a very very good start. Recognising the limits of (your) ignorance is what Lorna is all about. Spoofing her is what we are about. Engaging her in a political debate is either the stuff of losers or of budding politicians in search of an easy victory. Failing to convince the reader when writing an article in answer to a Lornism must fall under the category of "Give Up now".

Why on earth David Agius (a PN MP) decided to tackle Lorna and reply to her article of the 25th October is beyond me. For those of you who forget the article in question it is a piece of unfettered adulation for the Leader of Leaders - known in some circles as Alfossa (*cue rueful noises and boos), in others as Fredu Fredu (*cue waving of handkerchiefs andf throwing of underwear).

The radio deejay and host formerly known as davidagius (one word as per radio presenter) is now a politician with the right to have MP writ after his name. So His Honourable Self has taken over two weeks to reply to Lorna. A simple letter might have sufficed but one of the perks of being an MP is that of having an Opinion that is Valued. Well sort of. So a column he needs. And in this column David Agius regales us with an extensive repertoire of reasons why Nationalist vision is incredibly light years ahead the befuddled vision of the party of the Leader of Leaders.

NOT. Of course not. How do you think DA goes about replying to Lorna and her droolings over Alfred? By writing something smart? By telling us why Smart City is a good thing? By projecting us straight into the core mind of the PN plan for the next decade? Of course bloody not. We get the long litany of Old Socialist Nonos that any person who attended the Eddie Mass Meetings of the late eighties and early nineties had learnt to the heart. A bit like the Litany itself...

Prohibition on Chocolates... Labour's fault
No Tv's ... Labour's Fault
No pluralism ...Labour's Fault
Violence and thuggery ...Labour's Fault
Numerus Clausus ...Labour's Fault
Nationalist gits in the 21st century ...Labour's Fault
Friends with the Axis of Evil ...Labour's Fault
Faulty telephone system ...Labour's Fault
Faulty electrical system ...Labour's Fault
Ugly Airport ...Labour's Fault
The mess we are in today ...Labour's Fault

Ora Pro Nobis I say. So David. You pick on the easiest target available. You chose a non-contest. And you bloody well make a mess of it. You claim to speak about vision yet the only eyes you have are for the past. I know. Labour are not the best apple to choose out of the basket. I've known that for some time. That's why I have never voted them for as long as I have had my vote.

What I really need to see is why I should choose that other apple that has begun to rot. Why my vote should go for the likes of you and that merry band of deejays turned opinionists. Why I should even consider voting for a party that in its eight years in power since the last switch has done nothing to prevent the hundreds like myself who now work for the European institutions from losing their vote come election day.

Incidentally the PN has to stop trumpeting inevitable events as being an achievement. The fact that an island of our size cannot compete in certain industries like salt and caper packaging is not difficult to understand. Even to someone like myself without any degree in economics or radio programming. That in today's world a strong investment in IT knowledge is a must is a fact that has long been known in Baglaore, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi... so this particular citizen will not be jumping up and down waving a 'kerchief with David's face on because our University decided to be prepared to churn out new IT specialists.

For heaven's sake people. Stop treating the electorate like they are idiots. After 20 years of plastic politics we can see right through the MLPN average politician facade. That odd article in the Times. That odd intervention at a pizza convention. That odd brillantine smile in the photo-op with party leader. They are not inspiring. They just serve to have our stomach churn in revolt. Take note Aaron Farrugia. This is what politics should NOT be about....

As for Lorna. Do us a favour David, and leave the Dame alone. She is fully capable of damaging herself without any help. Thank you.

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david a dit…

I agree with you on the content of his message. But I suppose that in politics one is forced to engage in battle with the windmills one encounters along the way. Agius the politician can hardly limit himself to a j'accusian spoof or a boratian mockumentary.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Your supposition about Maltese politics is worrying.

Agius chose the windmill. True he could not spoof it but he did not engage it either. He just bounced onto the boring litany. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. Especially not the excuse that "this is how politics has always been done in Malta".

Agius a Don Quixote? More like a rosinante.

jkbuha a dit…

She is fully capable of damaging herself without any help.

Evolution (and A-level maths) have shown us that any fool, given sufficient time (and an unspecified amount of rope), will always manage to hang themselves in the end.

limit(t->oo) [fool] = dead

Unless of course they're bailed out by someone who is more of a fool. In both cases Darwinism still applies. It's always the weaker one that will be written out of the political genepool.

david a dit…

As I said, I agree with you on the content part of Agius' article. The litany is boring.

What I'm saying isn't a supposition about Maltese politics. It's more general - if Agius had Gordon Brown or Jacob Zuma as an opponent, he'd have to engage in battle with Gordon or Jacob. But he doesn't. So I don't think you can diss him for circling in on another "budding" Maltese politician.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

And yet you do not understand. I picked on David not for engaging Lorna but essentially for claiming to engage lorna and in the end doing anything but that. His litany would have come out anyway whether it is lorna, zuma or brown. Which is my point... it has nothing to do with his choice of who to engage with but how he does it.

I diss him because he tried to bluff an engagement and I diss him because that is my self-appointed job.


david a dit…

I'm happy with your dissing role j'accuse. No problem with that, I rather like it.

But in this sentence you imply that merely engaging with a Lorna-type is, in itself, fairly reprehensible:

"Engaging her in a political debate is either the stuff of losers or of budding politicians in search of an easy victory"

Your NEXT STEP is to slap davidagius even harder for his own lack of substance.

aaron a dit…

Agreed and took note. What you mentioned is my every day struggle, sometimes a struggle to stop myself in falling in this world AKA 'politics in Malta'. DIY.