mercredi, novembre 08, 2006

Democrats in the House

This may well be the last post to refer to Duh!mericans in that way. It appears that the Democrats have definitely seized control of the House. The White House has conceded the new Democrat majority in the house. The Senate was still too close a call around an hour ago. It appears that the Democrats are counting on the states of Virginia and Montana in order to obtain that necessary six target Senate seats (four are already in).

One little anecdote encountered in the little hours of the morning (around 2am). The Governor of Ohio turned up at the polling booth without his voting document. He was turned away by the zealous voting officials and was later interviewed by bemused journalists. He would not stop smiling about the "logistical" problem while we could hear his wife shouting in the background "I asked him this morning if he had his card". Behind every great man lies.... a whinger right?

Go the Donkeys!

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Andre a dit…

"every great man lies.... a whinger"

That is another classic quote from this blog!