dimanche, novembre 19, 2006

Say What? (again)

From today's Sunday Times Editorial:

There are clear signs that Malta is becoming an affluent society. This should sound like music to the government's ears, which is probably quick to equate affluence with the rise in the number of mobile phones, the growing number of Maltese who travel abroad, higher sales of air-conditioners and other household appliances, more cars on the road (in both cases contributing to higher fuel bills), and other signs of well-being...
The growing number of Maltese who travel abroad? Last time we checked the sell-out of Ryanair tickets was attributable in the greater part to incoming travel. Ditto most other airlines. Granted, the editorial is assuming that the government will be quick to equate affluence to these factors. Still... to imply that more Maltese are travelling when we are far from an ideal situation... that's a tall order.

Fat chance.

P.S. I'm busy cleaning the flat. So I.M. Jack can wait.

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gybexi a dit…

But growing affluence also means - and not only in Malta's case - indulgence for the wrong kind of food, a more sedentary lifestyle, and other unhealthy habits.

Hmmm - this reminds me of something in Hari Kunzru's "Transmission" where the Indian protagonist living in the U.S. starts to detect social nuances. He finds it interesting that the fatter they are, the poorer they seem to be...

How did the editor of the Times come to equate, erm, severe flabbiness (which is probably the result of one too many imqaret or pastizzi) with affluence?

Roll out the red carpet - i'm off to buy myself a tumpana ta' l-ghagina or ten from Mr. Maxims Jr...

gybexi a dit…

...and i didn't use the phrase "zaqq hara" which i'm inordinately fond of so i'll do it now.

Zaqq hara.