samedi, novembre 04, 2006


If it's a gadget I want it. I am a victim of the twenty-first century's dawn where gadgets are the vogue, where private videos are viewed by thousands online and where the Guinness book of records is no longer sufficient to catch up with the weird, the crazy and the fantastical. There's the man who took a photo of himself every day for six years and pasted it all together. There's people making all kinds of crazy shapes with pumpkins. There's the bunny that opens letters for its master and the cat that squeezes into a vase. There's Israeli soldiers nullifying the meaning of human shield and there's Americans who still think that Throwing a Jew down a Well is a good thing.

Crazy times indeed. "May you live in interesting times" is an ancient Chinese curse and there is no doubt that we live in interesting times indeed. My EyeTV package was returned to sender after the chronicled troubles it gave me. Instead I have bought a Griffin Ipod Transmitter that allows my iPod to speak to my car radio and suddenly gives me access to a driving choice of 500 songs. The sudden rush of commercial fancy also means that I have a new flat screen TV courtesy of Samsung - 102cm - you should see Fifa 2007 on this baby. Clothing and apparel are not spared the sudden consumeristic viral attacks... I have now got a jogging top that allows my skin to breathe while keeping me warm and a pair of goretex running shoes that will allow me to jog in the snow if ever I am crazy enough to do that.

So I am happy with my new toys. Now someone has to invent a way how to prevent Melanie's lip gloss leaving that melony taste on my coke cans after she takes a sip... he has a guaranteed buyer in this 21st Century Commodities Sucker.

So no I.M. Jack this week. Because Jack is too happy with his toys. And to think that my birthday is only next week!

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Kenneth a dit…

Then you should make sexy shopping on eBays for plenty of cheap gadgets from sellers in Hong Kong. They are made by slaves! I like!

PS. Did you get to see the Borat movie? There's still no mention of it reaching this bloody antiquated mass of rock anytime soon.

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