jeudi, avril 13, 2006

Hemming´s Way

Notes on a Cuban Holiday (to myself and others):

  • Even the caribbean can have its rainy days. Time to visit the Museo de la Revolution. Always remember that some myths can be overrated ' like the Daiquiri at La Floridita, like Plaza de la Rivolucion, like the legendary Cuban Moijito. And like Mintoff.
  • Three days away from Europe and still thirsty for more Europe. Berlusconi will not concede - a preview of a Gonzi/Sant shootout in next elections? Only time will tell. Politics here are close to zero although the 5 star hotel TV has access to South American TVs and Venezuelan and Peruvian politics seem to be particularly intriguing on Telesur. The coolest communication here is Rrrrradio Reloj of Manu Chao fame. I caught it on a tiny transistor and I think that the same guy as in the song Me Gustas Tu still tells the time.
  • A revolution is good for education (multilingual popiulation) and health (excellent doctors) but bad for infrastructure (medicine and buildings). Still not sure who has got the best deal; People seem upbeat... even when asking you for soap in the street. They are proud of their independence and their destiny even if visually all the western eye can see is collapsing buildings of the thirties.
  • Isn´t it ironic that the Capitol building in Cuba is modelled on the White House? As ironic as the idea that the Yanks need the Swiss to keep a little representation in Havana.
  • Anti-Bushism is everywhere. From the posters in the street to the jokes of the tourist guides. Dubya is the brunt of jokes all over the place and that is a great thing about this country. It is the only government that openly tolerates anti-dictator posters all over the place. And the one which equiparates Bush to Hitler is particularly revealing. Photos will appear on jáccuse later.
  • Zemploid should stop worrying about a non-reactive blogosphere. I do not think it is true. In any case it takes us time to digest. We (the political side of the blogosphere) tend to react to coverups of the news. We tend to react to articles hiding the truth. As for the chronicling of the events themselves it is up to the dead tree media. I think the Maltese Blogosphere has never stood back from condemning the Revolting Radical Right and will not do so now that Dr Camilleri has been attacked. For my part I can only react in tiny spurts for now (and so long as the combination of rain and jet lag continue to force me to head to the Internet room). It is evident that I removed the Le ghal Razzizmu Badge a tad bit too early from my site. I think you can still find it on the alternattiva pages should you want to add it to your blog.
  • Finally. Speaking of AD, I am still enjoying the Cassola election in Italy. We can never say enough about the missed opportunity of the Maltese to have Arnie on the sixth seat in Parliament. And now I get wind of another AD councillor. Mike Briguglio says hi on my last post. Mike I will say Hi to Cuba and Hi to you for joining the blogosphere. Looking forward to your contributions. I owe Mike a big thank you for having introduced me (inadvertently) to two interesting sources of info and entertainment - Che Guevara and RATM. There are only so many times you can see a guy wearing a t-shirt before thinking that there might be something interesting behind it all. Mike is now on the blogosphere and you may access his site by clicking on the title of this blog.
  • Now I have a Museum of the History of the Revolution to visit and a Cohiba Esplendido to smoke.

So if you do not mind I will leave you with an Hasta Luego and Hasta La Vista.

Song to find and download: Angelitos Negros by Eartha Kitt

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gybexi a dit…

Ara la terga tigu l-Ewropa QATT ma jfettilek tikkoreggi

1. l-ortografija
2. il-kostruzzjoni tal-frazijiet

ta' xi hadd - ikun min ikun - ghax itemmghalek din il-bloggata f'wiccek (u bir-ragun!). :p

hasta la pedanteria siempre no more eh?

(arah sejjer jirranga l-izbalji issa...)

Kenneth a dit…

From Malta,
With Love.

Kenneth a dit…

Din ridt ingħid.