samedi, avril 15, 2006

La Esperancia

There´s always hope. It turns up in the weirdest of places. Yesterday we discussed hope at a paladar - that´s a sort of family run enterprise that is taxed to run a restaurant in their home (divinely and bohemianly decorated - I know it´s not a real word but I am on holiday Arcibald). ¨We" were three Italians, an Argentinan/Hispanic, a French woman, a local and a Gozitan. A weird meeting in the middle of the ambassadorial area of Havana. The Miramar. And hope was just what was on the menu apart from the amazing creole and caribbean food that disproved most of our negative thoughts on the poverty of food in this area. The rhetoric and utopian imagination became more and more fragmented as the pina coladas and mojitos hit the brain. It gets better and better here as you sink deeper into understanding the soul of the nation and its people. Just finished breakfast while watching the national Cuban synchronised swimming team train inthe Hotel pool. Marveloso. Pecklectric need not worry - fifteen minutes of morning Internet a day will not break up my holiday. It helps digest my breakfast. The holiday is fine and started thank you... and the tan is on the way too...

One last thing. Mark... can you please add Hemmingway to all things overrated? Especially the myth about all the places he visited. So effing what!

be seeing you. Internet time over... I´m off to the beach club... you?

4 commentaires:

Arcibald a dit…

ma fhimtx x'ghandi x'naqsam jien

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Thought for the day:

"La esperanza es maravillosa. Sin ella, desde luego, no haríamos nada" *

"Hope is marvellous. Without it, indeed, we would do nothing"

Pásalo bien hermano!

* Now you can add my name to the random proof-readers of J'Accuse (!)

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Ok, that should be ¡Pásalo bien hermano! I forgot the upside-down exclamation mark.

Naħseb aħjar ma żżidx ismi mal-qarrejja tal-provi...

Raphael Vassallo a dit…

As they say: "Hope springs eternal in the human beast"