lundi, avril 10, 2006

They Needed Extra Time

Latest update from Maltese football. The almost champions Birkirkara needed extra time to oust Valletta from the FA Trophy. A good result for the citizens who have performed well in this transitional year which seemed doomed at the outset. Incidentally, an oasis of well written English may be found in the Times sports pages thanks to Pierre Cassar. It is true that he has mastered the cliches of the game (probably via a religious reading of Brit dailies) but in this case it serves the reader well for the passion (true or fake) of the match is transported into the dying pages of the Times. Thank you Pierre. Whoever you are.

As for La Vecchia Signora, another boring performance with a point won through the grit of their teeth as a comedy of errors on both sides ensured that entertaining football was redefiined. At the end I was glad though. It would have been sad had Fiorentina not obtained a point and kept themselves in the run for the Champions League (to the detriment of those happy chums at Rometta of course). Somehow I hope that we manage to put this campionato in the bag a day or two before the final day. That way I oculd actually relish a Milan victory on the last day. Yep... Kaka, Dida, Cafu and all!

2 commentaires:

Peklectrick a dit…

Once again Zlatan proves himself to be a king idiot ballerina.
Once again Capello proves that he cannot get himself to introduce the bench to the backside of the dancer...

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