vendredi, avril 28, 2006

Weapon of Choice

Serendipity can be funny. I had just finishing Claire Bonello's piece about two men beating up another guy in Zurrieq with the aid of a thick gold necklace and then I stumbled on the article about Vince Marshall's pilgrimage against the showing of the Da Vinci Code in Maltese cinemas. At the end of the article Marshall is quoted as saying "Our only weapon will be the Rosary". My twisted mind could not help wandering.

Picture the first day of the release of the DVC in Malta. Picture the queue waiting patiently outside Eden Century Cinemas in Paceville. Cue to the top of the hill were Marshall and the 500 lunatics who signed his petition round the corner near Frendo's house (that's Minister Michael) and move down the road menacingly waving a set of Holy Beads in their hand. Tarantino should be warned and he would send a camera crew down to the scene toot sweet.

To read about the shenanigans performed by the likes of Marshall in this day and age can be funny. But it is also sad. It is also another example of the failure of some citizens to grasp the concept of tolerance. Live and let live. Don't like it? ... don't watch it. Full stop. No nihil obstat is needed.

While in Cuba I had the opportunity to view some pirated cable stations undoubtedly transmitted from the nearby Florida keys. Dumberica at its best. Every advert is preceded by some warning of some kind. One particular ad struck me. It pictures a guy so busy admiring his shiny teeth (chewing gum miracle) while driving that he drives straight to buildings and shops and pillars and stuff. The advert was preceded by a warning that this was done under supervision and should not be copied. Duh!

Marshall wants KRS or the film producers of the Da Vinci Code to put up some form of warning telling us that the film we are about to see is fiction. As against what? Of course it is. As is the story of the garden of Eden but I don't see no warning in the intro to Genesis. See where I am getting at? Live and let live. Dammit. Can it be so effing hard?

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Arcibald a dit…

Kont qed nistenniek tikteb xi haga fuq das-suggett :)

Insomma - sitwazzjonijiet bhal din juruk kemm is-sens komun huwa vera 'rari'.

Peklectrick a dit…

The irony is that Vince Marshall (my fanatic uncle, he he) is using rights granted to him through liberal democracy to subvert it. It's pathetic. Dan Brown must be singin' the McDonald's slogan in his shower this very moment. The only thing these anti-Da Vinci Code are doing is hyping it up. As if it needed more hype...