samedi, avril 29, 2006


What if we measured the world by how the people like their coffee? While on the stopover in Cancun Mel drooled over the Starbucks frapuccino available at the airport. I am still amazed at the apparent inability of the French and Benelux to make good coffee. Even metropolitan Brussels sucks (this is just a quip for gybexi to ruffle his feathers again) when it comes to making coffee. In London (still the world's real capital) you have to know where to find the right coffee. Cuban coffee knocks you out a bit like what I imagine that Pratchett's klatchian coffee would. And in Metz, where I am spending the weekend catching up with the life in a consumerist non-communist country they perform the greatest of sins. You order a capuccino and they top a weak coffee with panna. I love Metz, I feel at home in its Place St Jacques and Bar des Deux Zebres. But the coffee.... nope... give me an espresso at Vito's in Luxembourg any day.

* anybody who may be interested in a selection of the clicks I took in Cuba can find them here. Comments welcome.

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Antoine Cassar a dit…

That photo of the deckchair and the spada del sole (as described by Italo Calvino in Palomar) is spectacular. I hope you don't mind, but I had to steal it and save it on my pc...

Welcome back ras.

Fausto Majistral a dit…

There was this French -- I think he's a wankellectual -- who theorise that the decline of a nation can be gagued by its improving taste in coffee. he noticed that in the late 1980s the Soviets developed quite a refined taste in coffee. The same thing is happening in the US now.

Incidentally, coffee in China is terrible.

Paul Cacciottolo a dit…

Ah... One would thus argue that Italy has long been the dregs of Europe: I've had many a coffee from about the world, but nothing beats a Roman espresso.

Hsejjes a dit…

beautiful pics!