samedi, avril 01, 2006

the New Reyev

Last week theatre. This week I beg readers to have patience as the blogging rate will surely slow down while I attend my introductory course to classical dancing. Now... where did I put my tights?

5 commentaires:

MaltaGirl a dit…

X'ahna kulturali!

How did the Macbeth go?

Hsejjes a dit…

Tell me when you make your debut!

Kenneth a dit…

Classical what?


Kenneth a dit…

PS. Why am I smelling an April Fool's prank?

cyberdigger a dit…

Did you know that this website is second only to Birdlife Malta in the Webstats4U charts? Hack into their website and bring it down and you will be the king of the Webstats4U league table. Mind you, technically shouldn't you really be registering this blog in the Luxembourg charts? If you did that, then you would only place a humbling 37th.
Yes, Libya is pretty boring.