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Non Sequitur's :L is for 50

The Original Forward (XXV Non Sequiturs)
Non Sequitur, latin for "it does not follow". A Non Sequitur is a statement that normally jars with the flow of thought in a particular discussion. It can also be present in a monologue or presentation when a particular part of the argument again does not fit in the general theme. In Maltese a Non Sequitur is normally followed by "X'ghandu x'jaqsam?" which can be closely translated as "What does this have to do with what we have just been saying?". Non Sequitur is also a brilliant comic strip by Wiley Miller which features the hero Obviousman.

In J'Accuse the regular Non Sequitur feature is used to place irrelevant titbits of factual information or as a comic pause between posts. As its title implies it is generally a bit of information which does not require any further comment. It is not Blogging for the sake of Blogging. I love a good Non Sequitur as much as any other post which is appreciated by others.

And now… L for 50
And now we have reached 50. The chronicle continues and the Non Sequitur's will never stop. I have considered moving this corner of "j'accuse" to "the laughing fit" but I consider it the cartoon section of my column so it is here to stay.

Here is the updated list of all 50 Non Sequiturs that appeared until now in J'accuse!

50. 31st March 2006
The Jum il-Helsien Non Sequitur
It's all nationalist propaganda

49. 28th February 2006
The Weapons vs Aid Non Sequitur
US v. EU

48. 25th February 2006
The Bananas Non Sequitur
Guess the song II

47. 24th February 2006
The Jaws vs. Star Wars Non Sequitur
Guess the song

46. 12th February 2006
The Carnival & Criminal Law Non Sequitur
Nadur and the code

45. 11th February 2006
The Interesting Facts Non Sequitur
Koala fingerprints?

44. 1st February 2006
The Population density Non Sequitur
Wikipedia Report

43. 27th January 2006
The Bidu Gdid Non Sequitur

42. 27th January 2006
The Dun Karm on Ewro Non Sequitur
Lil Huti Maltin

41. 26th January 2006
The Writer's Block Non Sequitur
Garcia Marquez

40. 12th December 2005
The Love Non Sequitur

39. 6th December 2005
The Issa Daqshekk Non Sequitur
Tony Zarb cannot find fax machine in Bxl

38. 29th November 2005
The Limbo Non Sequitur
Church banishes limbo

37. 23rd November 2005
The Press Review Non Sequitur
Nationalist's awarded EU Contract

36. 16th November 2005
The Handing over Power Non Sequitur
Iraq cartoon

35. 26th October 2005
The Il Novissimo Gobbo Non Sequitur
Juve book launched

34. 19th October 2005
The Xejn sew II Non Sequitur
Juve gloom

33. 18th October 2005
The Xejn Sew Non Sequitur
Valletta City gloom

32. 16th October 2005
The Les Couples Non Sequitur
Savent pourqoi

31. 13th October 2005
The Answering Mr Anonymous Non Sequitur
Stipendously wasted

30. 11th October
The The Far Side Non Sequitur
News but not as we know it

29. 8th October 2005
The Looking down the barrel of a gun Non Sequitur
Racism is schism on the serious tip

28. 4th October 2005
The ANR protest Non Sequitur
The interviews

27. 3rd October 2005
The Valletta embarrass Hibs Non Sequitur
Non ci posso credere

26. 30th September 2005
The Matthew Vella Non Sequitur
And other penises

25. 29th September 2005
The Opportuniste Non Sequitur
Eyes, Ears, Mouth are sealed.

24. 29th September 2005
The Spam Non Sequitur
It's the Spam that fills our lives. The background noise, the chaos we escape from.

23. 11th September 2005
The Valletta Non Sequitur
Sporting factoids, the thrills of weekend afternoons.

22. 7th September 2005
The Microsoft Purchase Non Sequitur
VOIP. Microsoft buying our future.

21. 5th September 2005
The Faulty Sources Scoop Non Sequitur
Attard Previ on TV? Tell me something I don't know.

20. 30th August 2005
The Lux Can Do It Non Sequitur
Anonymous tennis from Luxembourg.

19. 29th August 2005
The Guernica Non Sequitur
Advertising the plight of the human race. Save us from ourselves.

18. 27th August 2005
The Malta Hanina Non Sequitur

17. 12th August 2005
The Derby Draw Non Sequitur
See you next round.

16. 8th August 2005
The Passport Non Sequitur
In a world full of risks your passport is just a stamp and photo album.

15. 3rd August 2005
The State of the Blogosphere Non Sequitur
The other big bang.

14. 2nd August 2005
The Death of the G-String Non-Sequitur
On a not so fashionable note?

13. 28th July 2005
The Parking Non Sequitur
Luxembourg-Malta proportions.

12. 25th July 2005
The Google Matthew Vella Non Sequitur
That joke will always be funny.

11. 24th July 2005
The Malta Censor Non Sequitur
Bathing costumes on the Maltese silver screen.

10. 17th July 2005
The In Paceville Non Sequitur
What is there in Paceville?

9. 11th July 2005
The Elitism Non Sequitur
Lupus in Fabula.

8. 11th July 2005
The Panama Hat Non Sequitur
Ah! Bocca's is white not shitty brown.

7. 9th July 2005
The Xifer Non Sequitur
It's Mark, Jim, but not as we know him.

6. 8th July 2005
The No Roms in Malta Non Sequitur
Minorities conspicuous in their absence.

5. 4th July 2005
The 4th of July Non Sequitur
Oh Say can you see…

4. 1st july 2005
The Arabidopsis Thaliana Non Sequitur
The Human Genome Project… you are not an insect.

3. 29th June 2005
The Luxembourg Weather Non Sequitur
Weather non sequitur… get it?

2. 28th June 2005
The Polish Plumber Non Sequitur
… and Sicilian carpenters.

1. 26th June 2005
The Real Estate Non Sequitur
It's cheaper to buy in France.

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