jeudi, mars 09, 2006

Brit Beef is Back

Look who's back. Ten years ago British beef was banned from world wide export amidst fears of spreading of the spread of Mad Cow Disease. In March 1996 I was still half way through my law degree, the world had no idea what 9/11 meant, there was no Mad Cow at the head of the US of A, you could probably have as many cartoons in the Jylland Posten without much more than a few angry letters to the editor, feta cheese could still be made in Denmark, the European Union was still feeling its latest enlargement, the euro was still an idea and George Bush meant George Bush senior, we were still gearing up for the next European Cup finals as football was going home and malta was to start a two-year trial of Labour non-governance.

Then they banned the beef to prevent the spread of mad cow disease. Now the beef is back. But it is still a mad mad world.

cuban countdown : 33
world cup countdown : 92
days to j'accuse blogday : 1
days to official launch of kinnie & twistees : 1
days to official launch of the laughing fit : 1
days to official end of hibernation for il bollettino : 1

the ides of march are nigh

4 commentaires:

Peklectrick a dit…

yes, i remember that european cup...don't remember who won it though...

Hsejjes a dit…

And in 1996 Bjarne Riis, a Dane, won the Tour de France.Danmark won the European Cup once only in 1992 against Germany. There were grand celebrations on both occasions in a certain flat in Birkirkara. Beer flowed and Danish flags were flown out of the balcony.

Brazen Hussy a dit…

hmmm so cows now have a clean bill of health. Next its birds, chickens and possibly cats. Is the Divine Highness subtly telling us we should go back to eating nuts and berries?

Coemgen a dit…

I say that the "Divine Highness" is preparing the world for a great surprise.......the cows.....then the birds......wait till it's time for mankind.