mercredi, mars 22, 2006

Hogan Needs You!

Don't you just wish you were Saviour Balzan? I have just read on di-ve that Hogan was ordered by the Court of Appeals (sic) to pay Lm2,000 in damages to Dom Mintoff. The Maltatoday series of stories about Bical bank were considered to be defamatory and as a consequence Hogan will have to cough up 2000 little coins with a birdy on them.

"Presiding judge Philip Sciberras said that the reports aimed at damaging Mintoff's reputation, offending his name and fame, and ridicule his personality in public."

Saviour's Salvo in reply to the Appeal judgement is that Philip Sciberras acted as Mintoff's lawyer prior to being appointed judge. Once again Saviour demonstrates a limited knowledge in the complex workings of the Maltese legal and judicial system. (And once again I invite him to consult a lawyer should he have difficulty understanding the import of the last sentence).

The final cherry on the cake is that Hogan has decided to launch a libel fund "to safeguard the interests of readers, the right of the reader to know and most importantly the freedom of the press. " That's right guys. If you want to inject money into a slandering mean machine just go for it. Send your cheques to Hogan and His Heroes and they will continue in their headless campaign to slander for the sake of slander. They will shoot at the "include the anti-abortion clause in the constitution" gang with one hand and then fire at the "porn bankers in Catholic Malta" in another. One thing's for sure, they have as much of an agenda as the Iraq Invasion Force... with Hogan's band its all about attack, unveil and we'll come up with excuses later. Only they cannot tax the duh!merican public to finance their campaign... hence the libel fund!

Sooooooooo in the interests of democracy, liberty and fruit of the womb j'accuse will of this instant launch its Caveat Lector!* Fund. Readers and sympathisers are free to send monetary donations to j'accuse and in return we promise to continue reporting the reporters and uncovering the covered. It will also be useful just in case somebody decides to institute a net libel case against us.

*Reader Beware!

2 commentaires:

Arcibald a dit…

Ma nafx ghax ma nifhimx, imma ghandi mistoqsija abbli naive.... jekk dil-bicca ta' l-imhallef (li kien avukat ta' Mintoff qabel ma lahaq) hija vera, ma tahsibx li hija ftit gravi u li hemm kunflitt ta' nteress? L-iktar jekk forsi kien l-avukat ta' Mintoff dak iz-zmien stess?

Erezija a dit…

Kont se nhalli kumment bhal ta' arcibald. Spjegalna naqra Jacques kif jahdmu l-qrati f'malta....