jeudi, mars 16, 2006

When the Gods Come Down to Play IV

Football's pantheon moved to San Siro yesterday for an emotional farewell to a great footballer and rival. Demetrio Albertini leaves football after 14 years at Milan and 1 at Barcelona. His farewell match reads like a Pantheon of footballing greats: Van Basten, Gullit, Desailly, Rijkaard, Weah, Ronaldinho etc etc. There are some moments that can be moving even for the greatest of rivals. Hats off then to Demetrio Albertini. (Besides, one less of them means one more for us!)

aside: Remember that all conquering record breaking side which managed to notch up 11 consecutive wins (and god forbid anyone mentions the words "favourable calendar")? Well their unbeaten run was lost to Del Duca Ascoli while yesterday they were knocked out of Europe by another of the great giants of continental football: Middlesborough FC! Some sides have a pantheon, some try at all costs to invent it... but the beautiful game will always tell who's who!

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