vendredi, mars 24, 2006

I know it's only the AD....

...but I like it.

His analysis was long in coming. I find it reassuring - I am still unable to read statistics objectively and I really do need an analysis from ALL sides to be able to draw some kind of conclusion. I will refuse to read numbers and believe that they signify anything without a bit of a push from numbercrunchers like Fausto who I must thank for the clarification regarding an assertion made by TGIL.

Anyways, Harry's reading is very very reassuring. In particular I like the idea that the official overall percentage vote associated with AD takes into consideration the overall number of voters and ignores the fact that only those voting in 5 councils had access to AD candidates. Which means that the 1.7% of voters linked to AD is false. I also like the idea that wherever AD contested both big parties ended up with less than 50% of the vote. A telling truth indeed. If anyone needs reminding, it is this matter - that of breaking the hegemony of the big two - that draws my sympathy to AD. And their overall seriousness of course (barring a few jarring moments when they lose it).

One last thing before I quote some significant bits of 'arry's article. I really had overlooked how close David Darmanin got to being elected in Birkirkara. The failure of so many people to add him to the end of their list should be an eye opener to many individuals. The Big Parties will never ever tell you this but putting a number 2, 3, 4 or even 5 next to an AD candidates name could also help the cause. Stick it in your Baaing heads before it is too late.

Word now goes to Harry of the Greens:

"The publication of the election results show a nationwide result for AD at 1.7 per cent. Few people take the time to make out that it is arrived at by averaging out results across all the 23 separate elections that took place regardless of the fact that we only had candidates in five of these elections. It suits both the other parties to create the impression that that the Greens are much smaller than they really are. The PN in particular feels the need to keep up its assault as a smokescreen covering its rout at the polls.

"The Greens did well in the local council elections. We could have done much better. The big difference between our analysis of the results and that of the other political parties is that we realise that these were local elections. We have never committed the folly of using them as a nationwide poll.

"In every locality where we contested we have brought the other two political parties below the 50 per cent mark. It is ominous for them and they know it. They also know far better than the casual readers of newspapers that we can do far better than that. Nowhere in the localities we contested, not in the ones where we elected our candidates nor in the ones where we did not, did we have a campaign presence to match theirs. They know that if we ever get close to that level in any election, the results will be earthshaking."

Altogether now... sing along.... "I know... it's only the AD... but I like it!"

You can read the rest here.

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Jacques René Zammit a dit…

And my rudimentary calculations over the votes cast in Sannat, Lija, Sliema, Birkirkara, and Zabbar show that AD garnered 1415 votes out of the possible 27440 votes case... my (not always good) math gives me a 5.1% result. Pas mal.

Erezija a dit…

pas mal but still nowhere near what is needed to get someone in parliament.. having said that, it's still pas mal

Mark Vella a dit…

quite similar to the analysis of The One Who Adores He Who Can Only Be Alluded To...