vendredi, mars 17, 2006

Flammis Acribus (anger)

An anthropologist could spend hours explaining the importance and role of fire to the human race through the ages. Ever since harnessing fire, man has not know how to go without. Fire is one of the eternal paradoxes offered to us by mother nature, it burns and destroys but in doing so it provides warmth and energy. Once man moved beyond his basic needs and developed the spiritual and the mystical to new dimensions fire found a key place in religion and alchemy and later on in science. It's importance is also a great source of inspiration in poetry and metaphorical language. In other words fire is here to stay and has become a regular visitor in the images of our media.

Think of the US invasion(s) of Iraq and you will inevitably remember the burning oil wells left behind by a retreating Iraqi army. Think of 9/11 and the fire and smoke after the planes hit their targets will remain an indelible image in our minds. Fire. The ultimate political protest thought up by the tibetans and Chinese is that of the individuals covering themselves in flammable liquid and putting fire to themselves - almost admirable and noble as a move where it not for the Christian respect for one's own life). This was not effective enough according to some and so we got the walking bombs of terrorist attacks setting fire to others. Others retain that their life is too precious or that their protest is not a matter of life and death and will limit to lighting fires in riotous assembly. Then at the low end of the terrorist scale ( the worms of terror) is the anonymous coward who will set fire to anything else without showing his face or leaving a sign.

In the Arab world they burnt the flags - regularly. From US to Iraly to Denmark, all felt the burning brunt of the symbolic anger when their stars, stripes and tricolors went up in flames. In Iraq they are still flaring up as we speak. In Palestine the fires continue. The French suburbs went up in flames - especially the cars of the commuters who hailed from the same protesting region. Yesterday the Sorbonne situation exploded when the 'experts' from the suburbs joined the fray and decided to set fire to a bookshop. Then in Malta a group of inspired geniuses decided that to shut up a jesuit you have to burn his car - seven of them actually.

The human race is alight. The primeval urge to burn is unfortunately surfacing. An in Malta the troglodytes seem to be of the worst kind. They torched the vehicles anonymously. It was not difficult to assume who would have a motive to do so. It did not take a genius. I spent seven years at St. Alosyius' College and as much as I could be consumed by what I would think to be hatred at the time because of a "yellow door" punishment that would make me miss my very very important league game - it never crossed my mind to inflict any form of retribution on the Sons of Loyola.

No. This was not some angry student.

You always got your own back at SAC, in your own way, within the rules of the system. A prank, a practical joke. But not a burning car.

Burning cars are for subhumans who think in terms of races, colours and throw in a few words in Italian or post-colonial English to feel supreme. They will say that they are not racist or violent but in their minds a genocide will occur at least once a day. They will spit out hatred while claiming to be democratic. They will strut in, in the guise of safety and guardians of civilisation and they will exit through the back door with hands dirtied with blood and charred remains. They will mock those who think in terms of human beings. They claim to be concerned with survival of the fittest while they ignore the fact that we tolerate their intellectual and spiritual weakness on a daily basis.

It is at times like this that I wish I was a stronger believer, like Dante Alighieri was. That I believed that the flames of hell really existed and that they burn eternally. For I too, like Dante, would have a couple of ideas about who would be best suited for the Cerchi piu infernali. Qed tifhem? I might probably end up somewhere there myself, but logic tells me that the enjoyment I would get from finding out that they are there too would void any possibility of my sharing the same circle! (ah Lawyers - bargaining with the Devil).

The World
The World
The World is On Fire
Do we get some water
or shall we let the f*r burn?

Burn m*f*r

If you have read this far I feel that it would be fair to provide you with the following press release by Imperium Europa and Viva Malta, just in case your suspicion (like mine) had fallen on any of their followers:

VALLETTA, Malta (di-ve news)--March 17, 2006 -- 1130CET-- Imperium Europa and Viva Malta have issued a joint statement in which they have distanced themselves from the recent acts attacks against people or organisations that work with irregular immigrants. The two movements said that they do not condone senseless violence or vandalism, adding that their fight is on the spiritual, cultural and political levels. Due to their outspoken stand against irregular immigration, members from the two movements had been linked to the recent attacks. However, in their statement, Imperium Europa and Viva Malta said that they do not need such criminal actions as these are often instrumentalised to tarnish the movements' ideals.

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