dimanche, mars 05, 2006


Saturday has passed slowly, very slowly. When you have a tootache you start to see a lot of things in perspective. The pain is excruciating and you enjoy the moments of relative calm like some oasis in the desert. In the morning I watched "The Game" a film with Michael Douglas that was relatively pleasant considering how much I do not like the actor. As the pain led me in and out of trances and paracetamol gorging seances I tried my luck at fifa 2006, MIB and tekken... all playstation stuff. That's grown up stuff you see.

I nibbled through a galette breton with chicken and cheddar and contemplated liquidising the second half to minimise the pain. By the evening I would do anything to forget the horrible earthquake in my jaw and I was glad for that deviation all men love during the weekend. Footie. Juve, that classy queen, won (again). It is wonderful to follow a team full of class that breaks records without much ruckus and fanfare. With today's goal Juve became the team in Italy which has scored in most away games in succession. With today's match Juventus have achieved a run of 18 positive results...15 won and 3 drawn. All these records (like most other useless stastics - lesser squads please note) will be useless unless the tricolor is sewn onto their chests again.

Anyway this evening I continued to work on my homepage that will be the seamless link between all four blogs and photos and photogalleries (later to include flickr). Check it out here. I am off to sleep off the pain... see y'all on Sunday.

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Coemgen a dit…

Discard the paracetamol and switch to Ponstan Forte. Maybe, they'll make you play Fifa better.