vendredi, mars 31, 2006

Freedom Day

Happy Freedom Day
... to all those who still do not get the joke all those who are free to vote MLPN all those who still think that Mintoff kicked out the British army & NATO
... to all those who believe that the non-renewal of a contract merits some heroic medal
... to all those who love the carnival float of a monument
... to all those who will think I am a nationalist bastard just because I think Freedom Day sucks
... to all those who think I am an unpatriotic punk
... to all those who will not go watch the Regatta
... to all those who do not think Republic and Independence day are enough
... to all those who are tempted to start a string of apologetic comments
... to Fausto who will come up with some historic correction
... to diehard Labourites
... to anyone who once formed part of the Brigati Laburisti
... to anyone who once formed part of Dirghajn il-Maltin
... to anyone who thinks Mintoff's thick black glasses and belt are funky
... to the cactus, the oar and the luzzu under a hot sun
... to the government
... to the opposition
... to the bloody rest

"sono troppo stitico per fare lo stronzo"
- Caparezza, Habemus Capa

4 commentaires:

Fausto Majistral a dit…

... to Fausto who will come up with some historic correction

Once you insist ...

Although it's more of a clarification: NATO left Malta in 1971 soon after Labour was elected not on 31 March 1979.

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Forgot to wish you a happy Freedom Day to you to. Now get back to work while we enjoy our holiday.


Andre a dit…

Any occassion is a good occassion if it means that we all get a long weekend!

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Non seq: ix-shield tar-regatta rebhuha Marsamxett.