jeudi, mars 02, 2006

Habana Blues

In one of those coincidences of life, at the same time that my Cuban countdown has started and while I was talking about frustrated emigrants escaping the reality of their tiny island, I ended up at Cine Utopia yesterday to watch the last screening of the Warner Bros film "Habana Blues". It's another case of watch it if you can. A great movie that captures perfectly the daily frustrations of a people trapped in an island - and weaves in beautifully a continued debate between the lust for freedom and the lust for creative originality.

The interesting twist (when compared to my ramblings yesterday) is that in the case of the Cubans it is the move to America (or Spain) that would, in all probability, enslave their creativity since their artistic talent would become dependent on the capitalist law of demand and supply.

Don't miss it!

Cuban Countdown: 40 days
World Cup Countdown: 99 days

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