mercredi, mars 08, 2006


Deep among the original posts of j'accuse we find attempts at coining new words and phrases, or adapting existing ones to the blogosphere. From the ever-so-controversial "wankellectual" to "writer's blog" to "insanabile cacoethes scribendi". We have come up with a new term for all to digest (and probably criticise). At its source is the old concept of the "beachcomber" a scavenger of beaches on the lookout for precious flotsam and jetsam. Nowadays we have the scavenger of blogs. The word I am about to present was inspired by peklectrick's poem here (which also reminded me of this post of mine). So here it is:

Blogcomber: a scavenger of blogs. One who scavenges through blogs on the lookout for interesting reads. Usually adopts a tool like bloglines to facilitate his job of scouring for new, readable material.
blogcombing : the act of scavenging through blogs

There you are. And remember you read it here first after your blogcombing led you to j'accuse!

cuban countdown : 34
world cup countdown : 93

2 commentaires:

Peklectrick a dit…

never thought of it as a poem...

The last thing I'd want is to be a poet.

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Se tinstema' redikola, imma l-ewwel traduzzjoni li tiġini f'moħħi hi maxxât il-bloggs. Jew meta trid tkun peġġorattiv forsi tista' tgħid sempliċement moxt, bħal meta tgħid "imma kemm int moxt!!"

Jew moxt ta' l-eteru (f'kuntrast ma' moxt ta' l-art)