mercredi, mars 15, 2006

Credit (where it is due)

We tend to complain. Us bloggers. A bit too much. About Labour, PN, the weather, the policies, the taxes and whatsnot. I think sometimes we must give credit where credit is due. Personally I think that the BA decision regarding World Cup broadcasting rights is equitable, on balance. The miscreant in this case was and remains Melita Cable. It's sudden holier than thou attitude of "Melita Cable is not authorised to transmit" came after some Damascene revelation that retransmission of unauthorised images was wrong. In itself this revelation was not bad. That it tried to cash in on this fact with the infamous package by forcing the football addicts of this world to pay for what was previously free without some cushioning action between one extreme and the other is shameful.

The BA decision takes into consideration the realities of the Maltese football fanatic market and its insistence that the quarter-finals upwards be shown to all and sundry this time round is rational even in footballing terms. The fanatic who wants to watch ALL matches of his team (and hopefully not the ONLY matches of his fav team) will cough up the extra dough and begin to adjust hmself to this cruel life that makes you pay for your addictions.

Which reminds me that I have not put up the countdowns for some time. Here goes:

cuban countdown : 27
world cup countdown : 86

2 commentaires:

Peklectrick a dit…

But for most, the excitment lies in watching their favourite team. The Quarters, semis and finals are interesting, true. But less exciting if your favourite team is not there...

Andre a dit…

Now it's not just the football they're blocking. They're also blocking the Grand Prix.

What if they start blocking films next? and why did they bother blocking the channels now?