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L'Anniversaire - the kinnie generation

On the 10th March 2005 I had decided to kickstart j'accuse after I had been blogging on Bollettino for some time. Actually since it was (and still is Gakbu Sfigho) who blogs on the bollettino this was my first real venture into the blogging world. I shall be celebrating this first anniversary with a trip to a Portuguese dentist who thinks I am an Arab named Mohammed. Twisted identities don't only occur on the web but still, thankfully, occur in real life (that's irl twanny!).

This is the 440th time I will press the button Publish Post to put up something new on j'accuse. Denying the addiction would be lilke denying the existence of the sun. This morning, France Info announced the discovery of geysers on Calliope, one of the moons of Saturn (they call them "jay-sirs" but after a quick explanation from Mel I got the idea). J'accuse might also be seen as a constant flow of hot air at least once a day. I still hold my theory that the barrage of ideas out of which at least one can be valid or even revolutionary is better than the silent philosopher stance. It's true, it is a bit more noisy, a bit more controversial, probably a bit more irritating but from this point of view it is that lot more fun. And blogging is also about having fun.

While we have been enjoying the ride there have been 49 Non Sequiturs... I hesitate to post the 50th since it is meant to be a chronicle of the previous 49. We been mentioned, in good or in bad, here and there. The base of pageloaders remains predominantly Malta - Luxembourg - Brussels - UK axis. Thank you to those few persistent readers in the US and Denmark (!!! - yeah maybe I was forced into bias in the cartoon issue!) as well as that one reader in Moscow or Libya respectively. There may be other constant readers from other nationalities but these are the ones that stuck to my mind. It is true that I do not write to be read but it is another undeniable fact that being read is gratifying and to a certain extent encouraging.

Unlike others I do not log on to the net to see what is NOT happening. I find even the most disagreeable of bloggers encouraging. As I said in the midst of the controversy that should not be named, the blogging community is one of the things that makes me proud to be Maltese. To pick one rather marginal example, I find Ajjut's cynical comments on Maltese life very encouraging and worth the read. The blogger's mad mad world let's me think that I am not alone... there are many other mad mad ones out there. Our different eccentricities might lead us to disagree, huff and puff and even expose the same defects that Maltese upbringing has given us but we are there and we are there to change.

And to "celebrate" one year of blogging I have decided to simpy reproduce the very first post on j'accuse some 49,000 pageloads ago (I like to imagine that the first month without a counter had at least 800 loads!). Meanwhile, the set of blogs under my control (uahahaha) has spread and today is the day two others will launch officially while Bollettino will get a rebirth following hibernation (though Gakbu's been at it for the past two days). I'd like to thank Melanie for withstanding my blogging mode whenever muses hit me throughout this first year.

Time is what you make of it.... I chose to blog in the hope that there is something in it. if not... The ride has been and will be fun all the same! Thank you to all out there who find this read worth spending a few minutes. Thank you to all you critics who spice up these pages. And apologies to all those who do not like my style and content... I promise to continue doing just what I have been doing for the next year - and if you still do not get it I suggest you reread the first post in j'accuse that is reproduced here... (and don't tell me I have not been consistent in my approach ever since)


The Kinnie Generation
10th march 2005

taste first

An invitation to try before rejecting, or an indication of priorities? I was never sure whether the Kinnie slogan was the former or the latter. Will we ever find out? More importantly nowadays, do we care? This is my first venture in the world of Blogs. Actually this is really my 14th. After a very successful start with "il Bollettino" I have tried to start my own, personal, blog. 12 tries later and it finally seems to be working.

about time
Thus, Mark Vella greeted my decision to join this Kinnie generation in its quest for eternal fame and blogging. It is all about time isn't it? Find time to write and you can do it. Thus the Kinnie generation - the bitter-sweet oxymorons in personam - who slowly realised that Malta under the socialists was bad because it was violent and Malta under the nationalists is bad because it is one big lie. The Kinnie generation who are slowly becoming nostalgic for the eighties, saw the nineties fly by them and still cannot understand whatthefuck they are meant to be doing in the '00s. By the way Mark is a wankellectual who has his own blog called xifer - take a peek and you will see what i mean. There are many more ... wwitchie , stagno and pierre and wiredtemples too - all struggling for space. More Kinnie generation products. They can see the other people. They can see dead people. All the rest are busy standing by their pre-written scripts preparing for the next carcade to victory.

about me & this blog

Yep. My blog. Called J'accuse. Playing with words a bit... thanks to my forename. The idea is there too.... Zola and all. The truth if I lie (A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on. - Terry Pratchett, The Truth). That's another theme. Mark asked me... "What theme will it have?" then he said something in German meaning purpose (Oh!German... thought there was something wrong with you - Basil Fawlty). Themes many, themes none. Don't know and couldn't be bothered. Just wanted to hook and not miss the bus of the Kinnie Generation. Because we are out there.

Just a word of warning. Satyre, irony, black humour will be at home in this page. No rules. No holds barred. So people of a weak and gullible disposition should just f-off and vote labour. People of a pompous I know it all and saved the world yesterday disposition should also f-off and vote nationalist. Mark Vella should f-off anyway. I thank the readership of one who will read on... at its own risk of course.

This blog didn't half come out as good as any of the 12 first attempts. But then it may be destiny. It is much more sombre. I hate sombre. I like anything that makes you laugh.

'nuff said. now let's begin.


il Bollettino della Sfi*a
Kinnie & Twistees
The Laughing Fit

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gybexi a dit…

10th march 2005? are you sure? I started blogging well before you and I think I started on the 20-30th of March. the plot thickens.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

The only explanation can be that you have your dates wrong. I double checked... and j'accuse did start on 10th march.

thick plots die hard.

Antoine Cassar a dit…

I'd like to thank Melanie for withstanding my blogging mode whenever muses hit me throughout this first year.

Hehe, I can imagine you in the middle of having a nookie and suddenly jumping up and interrupting everything due to an insanabile cacoethes scribendi... (!) Miskina...

(Incidentally - funny how the words nookie and nejk happen to be so similar)

Apparti n-nejk... PROSIT KBIRA Jacques. Ħaqqek provvista ta' laned tal-Kinnie u boroż tat-Twistees għal sena sħiħa.

Kenneth a dit…

U jien mingħalija li ilek ħafn'iktar!

Awguri u prosit tal-programm :)

Andre a dit…

Awguri u prosit.

MaltaGirl a dit…

Happy Bloggiversary :-)

Coemgen a dit…

Awguri u prosit!

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Tanti (tal-gelat) awguri.

Roderick Mallia a dit…

Happy (Belated) Bloggiversary :)

Arcibald a dit…

issa qed narah il-"marginal example" :) btw x'ghazilt fl-quccija?