mercredi, septembre 07, 2005

Non Sequitur #22

Microsoft is the latest big technology firm to embrace VOIP. This week, the software giant announced that it had bought Teleo, an American VOIP-technology firm, for an undisclosed sum. Days earlier Google, a leading search engine, announced that it would launch Google Talk, an instant message and voice service, in competition with other leading web portals. In June, Yahoo! bought Dialpad, a firm offering the same sort of technology as Teleo.

At the moment, the technology giants generally only allow computer-to-computer voice services. But they may soon extend their offerings to compete with the likes of Vonage, Skype, 8X8 and a host of other new firms that concentrate on providing VOIP services. These companies allow customers to plug their phone into a gadget connected to the internet. By offering this service they have shown they want to compete directly with traditional telecoms firms and the cable companies that have recently joined the fray.

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Anonyme a dit…

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