vendredi, septembre 23, 2005

Autumn Leaves (and Concerts)

Incroyable. The forgotten hole in the middle of Europe known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is coming to life with cultural events of the hottest quality. Muzzik. Muzzik for the barbarians, muzzik for the cultured and muzzik for the wankellectuals. A bit for everyone. The season has begun with the opening of a new concert hall for the snobellectual crowd... the Luxembourg Philarmonic (as featured on the Wallpaper September issue) and for the hippellectual we now have the Rockhal that will accompany Kulturfabrik in the attempt for a better variety of musical entertainment in the Duchy. All we need is good stand up comics to visit every now and then!

As if that weren't enough the surrounding towns also provide added entertainment. Nancy will have an October full of jazz (for more info go to although the site seems to be down at the moment. Strasbourg too provides a good source of occasions for entertainment (moby should be playing there soon) - Metz is investing in a huge cultural Pompidou Centre and will provide yet another base for good concerts.

All in all not much is left for complaining. I have got tickets for Patrice in Nancy on the 14th October and Pink Martini at Den Atelier in Luxembourg on the 16th. There is also an Italian Film Festival coming up in a French townlet across the border. Not so bleak an Autumn after all.

All this before you get the chance to say St. James' Cavalier....

3 commentaires:

alex a dit…

that's great to hear, since i will be moving there in december

Athena a dit…

Oi Jacques, hallik mill-kultura! You missed a lovely one in The Times today, gosh it's almost Lorna-esque (see my blog:P)

Hsejjes a dit…

Remindes me of the Byfest I experience in the outback of Denmark......the only culture that is involved there is how many pints of beer you can down in an hour.....:((