lundi, septembre 05, 2005

Bollettino - Season 2

Time to plug my alter ego (as if this one is not enough). Bollettino just celebrated its 1st anniversary on the net very silently. I know the editor Gakbu Sfigho is a very nice, gentle man with a good sense of humour. He represents the right way of looking at the mishaps of life - by remembering that there is always something or somebody who is having it worse... or as the poet said.... "Always look at the bright side of life".

So for those of you who are dying for an eye-ache, head-ache and stomach-ache after an hour of deciphering the Vassalli Maltese stuck to the screen and an hour of good old fashioned laughter that is not prompted by special effects... Bollettino is back for the new season.

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