mardi, septembre 27, 2005

Budgetary Woes (and aaahs)

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A break from Santian disquistions to see what the international press is saying about Maltese dues abroad. More importantly two particular bits of news of note:

First of all it would seem that the MFA has been fined 13,000 Swiss Francs for not providing adequate security measures at ta' Qali on the night when the Europids ravaged the place. I know... it is not out of our national coffers, but all the same it is pay pay pay. The Croats have been slapped a 55,00 Swiss Franc fine. Read this here.

Secondly the Times reports that Parliamentary Tonio Fenech has signed an agreement with Iraki Finance Minister Ali Allawi writing off $8 million (Lm 2.8m) of debts in a show of solidarity with the Iraqi people. The aim is to allow the Iraqis to rebuild their country and economy. Yes rebuild. From the wave of destruction left by the US and allied troops in their forceful importation of democracy to the war-torn (by themselves) state. Helloooooo? I do not remember Dubya telling us that we will foot the bill for even one missile launched against the infidel. And could the government ask me before deciding to get very solidal with my money? Will Ali Allawi be appearing on the next episode of Tista' Tkun Int? Times report here.

Ok. Now all the saints will be ticking me off and pulling my ear for my lack of christian spirit. Yes I do believe that it is not the fault of the Iraqi people that they are in this situation. But the irony did strike me senseless for a moment... Dubya presses invade... Malta presses delete dues. Let's just say it is one more reason to hate the bastard. Dubya not Allawi of course.

And by the way... the Times says the dues "date back to commercial transactions that took place in the 1980s"... now let's see... 500 boxes of Desserta chocolate... 3 container loads of Kinnie... 1000 crates of potatoes... 10 collector replica Mintoff spectacles... boqq.

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wolverine a dit…

Jacques - I owe you for the initiative you show in your blog so let me solve your Boqq.

Let me try be brief -

(1)People don�t know or acknowledge this: In the 80s you lot probably all remember that the war between Iraq and Iran was waged. Iran won. Before this happened, Mintoff was dealing with Iraq�s Saddam Hussein and selling him material for the war as he was trying to make a lot of money out of this (viva socialism). At one point he even forced dear Sant who was Director of a clothing company to export a shipload of trousers to Iraq. As the boat left Iraq lost the war and Sant�s company...well let�s say didn�t cruise calm waters afterwards as Iraq could not repay the Mintoff regime i.e. Govt. who owed money to Sant�s co. (which of course was never repaid). Part of the reason where their love was lost (i.e. Sant & Mintoff). Those pants however were only part of the exports to Saddam during the war that Malta still needs to be repaid for.

(2)At the time the US backed Iraq, with Bushy senior at the helm of Uncle Sam I believe. The beauty is that we lost money originally because Mintoff thought he stood to gain money as Bushy Snr. backed Iraq and years later the moment Busy Jnr. invades Iraq again we subsequently lose Lm3 million! How good of the economically thriving miracle of Malta to be so generous when it is faring so well thanks to our Irish tiger boom following our accession into the EU. Oh and another lesson to be learnt: dirty deeds done dirt cheap always end in tragedy - or a hole in our pocket!

Well what can you do? Ain�t my bush? Well we do all look like cunts now! Except Mintoff Millionaire who�s still laughing all the way to the bank with a thermos on his back!

vlad a dit…

Never mind christian charity. If it is true that one good turn deserves another, Malta may one day be rewarded in oil money for its relatively paltry munificence.

Kenneth a dit…

55,000 Dott.

After a week surrounded by commas instead of decimal points, I thought you meant "55.-" instead of "55,000" ;)

Anonyme a dit…

Cannot believe that vlad believes that the Iraqi's are capable of good me a racist whatever, but how can i believe in a country who still has millions of people supporting a nut head like Saddam Hussein? what about our deficit??? The one that Malta is wallowing in??? And I cannot either see Bush rushing to our help with offerings of cheap oil!! Or have I missed out on something here? Did Bush say he is going to compensate Malta for invading a country just because he didn't like the look of Saddam's face? Bush should have left the Iraqi's well alone....let them wallow in their own sh*** and kill themselves in the meantime......If they were happy like that interference was the last thing they wanted.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

i call you a racist... whatever

Anonyme a dit…