lundi, septembre 12, 2005

Cheesy Mousepad

Alors. Seeing that other people are into business, J'Accuse has decided to start off too. I will definitely not be bursting into the giddy heights of the Bill Gates of this world but this should be a sweet experiment. Here is what it is all about. You can now buy ... yes I said buy.... a souvenir J'Accuse mousepad. It is the first in a long line of products designed to please.

Where from? Here actually. The shop is still being designed but I plan to add a number of humorous products for your amusement and hopefully for the disbursement of minor sums from your wallet. Obviously I do not intend to make any money out of this venture and products have only been marked up by $2 in the hope that any revenue covers akkuza expenses in the future. (yeah right).

First product: The Mouse Pad... complete with Lorna Quote.

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7 commentaires:

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Cool! Will you be sending one to Lorna?

MaltaGirl a dit…

I think she deserves a complimentary one!

Jacques, if I had Lm7 to spare for a mousepad, I would buy it.

Athena a dit…

You should sell jars of gbejniet!

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

stop babbling... start buying

P.S. I do not even get a complementary myself.

Kenneth a dit…

Ma baqa' hadd sew!

PS. Don't you think it would be neater if you get yourself a .com for this blog? What happens if you decide to abandon Blogger... send us free mousepads to reflect the change in URL?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

will never abandon blogger...sentimental reasons and i am too lazy and have no time to start a .com. I did get dreamweaver though so that is a good start.

Anonyme a dit…

Pity I don't do white cause I would have bought one of your tops.... you should consider black since not all of us like the preppy virginal white look.