mercredi, septembre 21, 2005

Errata Corrige (Fight Club)

Second Place

A little post about errors as this blog approaches the 20,000th hit on Independence Day (the 20,000th will probably be sometime on the 22nd. Arrogant and rude remains the description and seems to be the perception too. Some might add humorous and sometimes witty. It is definitely not an authority and will never be because it is typed out by a human - a gozitan, lawyer in luxembourg who enjoys sharing provocative thoughts on the net. I decided to write this post as a caveat too.... in short if you are touchy stay out. This may sound agressive but in my mind it is a simple equation... the rules of the game on this post are clear... a reasonable discussion peppered with humour. For a quip I expect a double quip back. Stung and pained I will just retreat to lick my poroverbial wound until I find a proper retort to answer back. All this is done with the assumption that it is all a discussion on inevitably subjective opinions throughout. It counts for politics, music, art, football or whether Brussels is the best city in the world.

Now that is the rule of the game. If you do not like it... no problems, you can either sit back and watch or just choose to obliterate it from your list of readings... no hard feelings. Better safe than sorry. Above all as I see it there are no winners or losers in any argument. At most there can be a general consensus and you can form part of it. However the truth is that even in the evaluation of the general consensus there might be disagreement. You can keep on asking but you will find no answers here... just provocations. I never said I would be right... I could claim it but that does not mean that I am. Get it?

As for corrections. Barring pedantry I really do appreciate all of them and even if I do not show such appreciation outright you must really assume it. So whether it is Erezija or Fausto correcting me on my historical facts or my Raymond Chandler quotes... it is all taken in and registered approvingly. Thank you. There you go I said it. So when you find the next comment taking a swing back at you just after a correction it is just in jest and in the spirit of this blog which I hope will never change.

And errors. Yes errors... these can be made on facts. As in what Raymond Chandler really wrote or what number Miss Munaf� had in the Miss Italia competition (Grazie Flavio per la correzione). BUT no matter how much your imagination can push you to believe so, an error cannot be made on taste or allegiance. I cannot be WRONG if I say "The Smiths are a mediocre band" or "Independence day is Malta's most important holiday". I cannot be wrong just as much as I cannot be right. It is important to understand this and that throughout the discussion this is finally kept in mind. There are no winners and no losers.

"You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else."

PS. Thanks antoine for link to Munaf� and wolverine for correction on ice rink.

7 commentaires:

Arcibald a dit…

Hemm hi :) ?afna a?jar minn dik li reb?et... g?andek ra?un!

Fausto Majistral a dit…

On this you're definitely right: she's one hot chick!

Mark Vella a dit…

Wrong is the wrong word...misguided more likely ;)

wolverine a dit…

Does not cast as much shade on Number 1 as expected. Having said that she is a far sight more attractive than I am...especially in the morning!

alex a dit…

re. the snowflake quote... who is that attributed to?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

...guess that includes us all erezija....

unless you mean who said it... it's from Fight Club.

alex a dit…

yes i meant, who said it...

i'm reading lots of zen writings at the moment, that quote fitted right in

it's a sobering thought