mardi, septembre 06, 2005

Pie in the Sky (with Children)

Robert jokingly insists my non-scoop was a gaffe. I insist it was a scoop. A relative one. Meanwhile the home of gaffes produced another gem that must be seen. Reporting another event organised by NIMBY inc. the Di-ve News Team has reached new depths of linguistic classics and are beginning to rival Dame Lorna. It appears that at a public hearing organised by MEPA at the Jerma Palace was sabotaged by residents who wanted to make themselves heard.

Here is a sample of di-ve's report (my red):
Some 300 residents were present at the meeting together with various mayors of the nearby localities to voice their say against the proposed recycling plant. Placards reading 'MEPA bulldog or Poodle', 'SOS Stavros Dimas' 'Guarantees, a pie in the skies" were held up along with children wearing gas masks.
I still cannot decide which is the best. The placard with "pie in the skies" (possibly Greek)? Or the idea of an incensed resident waving his mask-bearing child angrily in the air at the organisers? Anyways, the report ends like this:
In their letter the residents called on Ciantar to sign the guarantee to ensure that no more than 71,000 tonnes of waste will be disposed within the recycling plant [I can already see the residents taking it in turns to weigh the waste as it enters the plant to confirm that the guarantee does not remain a pie in the skies] and that this will not have negative impact on the property value in the area. The controversial consultation meeting [another CCM brought to you by NIMBY inc.] was chaired by Vincent Gauci, MEPA's assistant director.
Deeper and deeper.

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Athena a dit…

My fave di-ve headline of the day: Uproar erupts in Sant'Antnin public hearing as residents lock their horns with WasteServ over the plant upgrading

Come on everyone, lock your horns... *sigh*

Fausto Majistral a dit…

Why is it that I can imagine these residents holding up children wearing gas masks?