mercredi, septembre 28, 2005

Ipse Dixit

This man is being quoted in his capacity as Shadow Minister for Home Affairs as having said that Labour will join the common front combating the problem of illegal immigrants but "only if it is kept on board".

The initiative is commendable, and the complaint of not being kept in the know as to the grand projects of the Nationalist government is understandable. What is curious is the choice of phrase by the Honourable Shadow in order to explain his party's extraneousness from the issue.

In fact Honourable Gavin was so eager to describe that his party is not being kept privy to the goings-on with regard to the plight of the boat people that he insisted that the MLP should be kept "on board" from now on. On board what Gavin? The boat? Freudian games here, but funny ones to boot.

Am i the only one to get this sinking feeling?

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wolverine a dit…

I don�t know or care whether I am viewed as a balanced mutant but all I can say is this:

I have crept into Maltese detention centres and they are heart-wrenching, not just because of the desperate and unenviable state of the poor migrants and their kids, but also the police and army who are definitely not equipped or trained to deal with such situations.

Point being: As far as I am concerned the opposition does not deserve to be kept on board with what is going on although anything would help to assist the migrants� plight and the situation of the country.

HOWEVER I just think that putting the opposition in the know about what is going on will NOT MAKE A RAT�S ASS of a difference. Gulia has shown himself to be inept at criticising the Government and stating valid points such as introducing more refugee commissioners to hasten decisions on the situation of the detained etc. and as far as I am concerned even if he knows anything about the government�s �grand plans� things are not likely to change as Gulia has shown himself to be a totally inept shadow minister! (yes, contrary to popular belief opposition actually do have a role to perform too) - but of course he still has time to surprise us otherwise.

Sorry to attack you like this Gavin but you�re bloody useless and should have been railing about the plight of refugees for ages. You didn�t even lift a finger when the Brigadier of the army was not sacked after that international human rights debacle at Hal Safi! What a disgrace. Not that Tonio Borg is the bee�s knees in this situation but then again he is not a socialist so less was expected from him in the first place! At least however, Gavin did visit a centre before Borg so his political career might not flounder entirely.

Opposition has a part to play too but it is not even being relevantly critical about the state of the country at the moment. What a crying shame...what a democratic deficit.