lundi, septembre 05, 2005

Non Sequitur #21

Le Scoop de J'Accuse

Sorsi illi jippreferu jibqghu anonimi infurmawna li s-Sinjorina Attard Previ (illi issa tinstab sprovduta mill-ghazza famuza - u anka m'ghadhiex Sinjorina) se taghmel ritorn fragoruz din is-sena fuq it-tv bhala prezentatrici tal-programm l-iSpjun "ennezimu spin-off mill-grande fratello".

You heard it here first.
Addendum: This is a scoop for those of us who live abroad and who are not lucky enough to have all the Maltese media at their disposal.

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Robert Micallef a dit…

Liema hi l-iscoop? L-ahbar dwar l-ghazza ta' Previ!?

From an opinion article by Claire Bonello published 14 August 2005 on Malta Today:

"In the past few days, the newspapers have given extensive coverage to L-ISPJUN, the reality show which will be shown on PBS next autumn. In accordance with the tired formula of similar shows..."

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

imma semmewha lil Attard Previ?

Robert Micallef a dit…

dawn l-ahhar gimghat attard previ ghamlet relaunch tad-dehra taghha bhala front ghall-programm il-gdid. ghamlet ftit pr mhux hazin - dehret ukoll fuq il-cover ta' xi magazine lokali, ma niftakarx liema wiehed - nahseb li wiehed minn dawk li jitqassmu b'xejn mal -gazzetti tal-hadd. Probabbli dehret ukoll fuq il-gwida u l-antenna imma dawk ma narahomx.

Anonyme a dit…

din mhix scoop. previ ila tidher fuq it-tv biex thabbar dan il-programm minn gunju li ghadda.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Right Right. Everybody is happy now. This is not a scoop. You guys forget:

a) I live in Luxembourg.
b) I do not have access to media in Malta other than the internet.
c) The person who passed on the information failed to point out that it was not as exclusive as it seemed to be.

Anyway. It was still a scoop for me. As in I had not heard it all before.


Robert Micallef a dit…

Bejn scoop u gaffe ma tantx hemm differenza - it-tnejn b'hames ittri :) Kif jghid Toni Sant, kollox relattiv fid -dinja - ahjar niskot, ma jmurx jismani l-papa benedittu ;)