dimanche, juillet 17, 2005

Non Sequitur #10

In Paceville the average length of a mini-skirt is 3 inches.
In Paceville it is difficult not to have sex on your mind.
In Paceville the taxi-drivers still rule the place.
In Paceville there are more corner shops than there are corners.
In Paceville the streets are drowned by the sound of conflicting types of music.
In Paceville there will never be enough rubbish bins.
In Paceville a park and ride is strongly needed.
In Paceville the day starts at 1800 hours and ends at 0700 hours.
In Paceville the residents don't count.
In Paceville there is enough stuff for all tastes and all kinds.
In Paceville there is a lack of a local council.
In Paceville there are buildings crying out for rebuilding.
In Paceville there is the need of more organised disorganisation.
In Paceville we need more traffic organisation.
In Paceville we need resident's parking.
In Paceville that c**t of my neighbour Joe Agius thinks that I asked for the removal of the resident's parking sign. [A che pro'?.... I'd love to know why the guy has a chip on his shoulder.]

I leave Paceville for Luxembourg at 0730 hours today.
End of the trip.
It was fun.
Will be back again.

1 commentaire:

Kenneth a dit…

Bon voyage.

You forgot one thing:

"In Paceville there are more foreign students than locals."

Which is good when you're single and looking for eye candy (and perhaps a tad more), but horrible and irritating when they get drunk (easy feat) and they all start singing like 5 year old retards in kindergarten class.