dimanche, juillet 17, 2005


Got to Luxembourg by 1230. A series of unfortunate events that will be fully documented by GS tomorrow delayed my settling down until 1400 hours. My better half shuttled me off to Remerschen for a swim in the lake. Interesting concept this lake swimming business. Most interestingly the Luxembourgers pay a 2 Euro 50 cents (Lm1) entrance fee to swim. Can you imagine imposing a similar fee in, let's say, Ghadira? Anyways. I thought I'd show you my favourite souvenir from Malta. A t-shirt with this picture on it. Inspired by Paceville? Who knows....

3 commentaires:

gybexi a dit…

tasteful! :p

Arcibald a dit…

Hope you had a great trip (apart from the sfi*ata that delayed your settling down).

About the fee at Ghadira: don't even think about it, especially since members of the 'real' (whatever that is) media are reading your blog and can bring it to the attention of the powers that be!

Athena a dit…

Swimming in a lake? Did you upset your better half so much that she made you swim in very cold water?:P

Hey, shall I mention just how wonderful the Calabrian sea is? Soooo nice and warm and sunny. *ducks*