vendredi, juillet 29, 2005

(The Truth About) Voting Habits

From today's Times: Harry Vassallo writes....

"In a country where the goalposts are set on wheels, nothing could ever surprise us except a glimmer of democratic sentiment, something that truly expresses the will of the people. We have had Labour proposing an electoral system in which the next government could enjoy a majority of seats in parliament with a minority of 47 per cent of the vote. We have heard the PN propose an electoral threshold of 7.5 per cent regardless of the fact that they have spent the last decade blaming Labour for the collapse of the 1995 reforms in which they Proposed a five per cent threshold. Their detachment from the feeling within the country is simply awesome.

They seem to dismiss the fact that 25 per cent of those entitled to vote either did not vote for them or voted Green in 2004; 55,000 people said no to old style politics as recently as 2004. In a country where absolute power changes hands on slivers of one to two per cent, it was a political earthquake. Many seem to have rejected the system altogether."

Beyond the rhetoric and what I believe to be the excessive inflation of ADs importance which one finds in the rest of the article, I still find myself in complete agreement with the exposition of facts regarding the MLPN manipulations to retain their grasp on Maltese politics. The Luxol speech did not baffle me. it only confirmed my suspicions.

I have not fallen for the Greens. I still feel, like Harry, that the future can be ours and that MLPN nonsense cannot be tolerated any more. I will endorse any reasonable party that provides a promising scenario away from the two-party mediocrity we live in- and I will do so publicly as I already did in the European Parliament elections if necessary. AD is my imperfect choice right now. If a better option comes along... it will be more than welcome.

Mediocrity is not an obligation, it is an option we keep on choosing like headless chickens.

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