vendredi, juillet 15, 2005

Friday Snippets

Scrap-book Intro
Following the long posting analysing the literary exploits of LV (who has now been sighted on DI-VE preparing for further cultural explosions - thanks fup), today's post is a round up of snippets of information (useless and otherwise) which normally transform a blogger into an early 19th century scrap-book collector. The best example of the blog as a scrap-book is mill-art, the new blog dedicated to collecting papers from the floor anywhere and posting them for the curious into a blog. Its eventual success will just go on to prove that we live in an age of voyeurism and we are also interested in the rubbish of others. Grillo too had noted that our fascination with recycling is a throwback to the Freudian analysis of a child's fascination with his own faeces.

Purchases at Sapienza
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I finally got down to buying the books published by fellow blogger Immanuel and ex-blogger Guze during my obligatory stop at Sapienza's in Valletta. I have only read most of Guze's book until now... Xemx, Wisq Sabiha. It is an interesting exercise in catching up for Maltese literature in general. All in all there is nothing new under the sun (excuse the pun) apart from the fact that stories we are used to in the English language are now available in Maltese. My favourite line (among many) is when two of the characters are discussing whether or not to buy hash on their way to Gozo. One of them answers (my very liberal translation) "Would you take vodka with you if you were going to Russia?" Is Gozo that bad? Other items on the list include a book of Mojo Crosswords for the musical wankellectual (a present for Mark) and Faith in Fakes by Umberto Eco. Finally, one last goodbye to Louis Sapienza... his presence at the shop will be sorely missed by all...

Gozo and St. George
I speed off to my island of hills and hash (as Guze would want it) this evening. I will be visiting the great capital Victoria and will watch the Friday celebrations for the feast of "il-Megalomartri" Gorgi Taghna. I will look forward mostly to the little old-style milkshake vendor to be found under the Banca Giuratale. Will finish off the evening nicely with some gluten-free pasta and fish at my favourite resto in Malta and Gozo... il-Kartell.

Mini Non-Sequitur
Sighted at Gianpula yesterday evening an MIB (man in black) complete with earpiece. Suspected occupation: bouncer. Description: rotundish appearance, baldish and beginnings of a goatee.

The Gentlemen's Sport
Mela. Sliema vs. Sherriff 1-4. Birkirkara vs. Apoel 0-2. Omonia vs. Hibs 3-0. Local football still working wonders as I see. Will have to keep a wide berth of the Cypriots in Luxembourg when I go back. Meanwhile, back where football really counts... the Vecchia Signora has made her first big deal of the summer. Vieira the Giant has been added to Emerson in midfield to form what I hope will be a magnificent duo next season. Also go to the website to check out the new kits commemorating the 100 years from their first scudetto. Magnificent. As befits the team.

Small note for those who are now urged to type an anti-Juve tirade in the comment (replique) area i suggest an alternative more social activity. Just cut and paste the text below into your email programme and send it to . Thanks. (Letter has been edited following bocca's suggestion - quacky replaced with cuckoo)

Dear Sir,
I would like to add my name to the hundreds of others who have probably already written to urge you to grant Lorna Vassallo's request. It would be greatly appreciated if you would allow the esteemed columnist more space in your paper. This would also allow a better balance in the political output of the Times and ensure that we are given (even if only once a week) a proper exposure to pieces of literary quality.

PS. Are you really sure that I.M. Beck needs so much space? Don't you think he is getting too old and cuckoo?

Kind regards

5 commentaires:

bocca a dit…

ok, balding is wrong: it implies a process - bald is the correct word, as it is the end of the process - i can't get balder.

and quack refers to medical doctors not legal.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

baldish not balding (little signs of hair here and there imply incomplete process) :)

touche' re: quack

bocca a dit…

bugger.... you're right, now that i've re-read it

berlusconi a dit…

Oh yes! The away shirt is particularly magnificent. It's so stupendamente rossonera!

Love it.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

erm. It's red... and green and white.

not just blind when choosing team to support I guess!

anyone for seconds???