lundi, juillet 18, 2005

Luxembourg Crime

This, ladies and gentlemenm, is Luxembourg... the safest city in Europe:

News Details
15-JUL-05 Guilty Thief

Yesterday evening around 20:30, a man purchased some cocaine in the station area for his immediate use.

He subsequently took a bus and alighted at the Rue des Muguets in Kirchberg, but not before he grabbed the handbag from the woman seated beside him on the bus.

After approximately three minutes, the man returned to the bus and voluntarily returned the bag and all its contents to the woman. He explained that he had taken drugs which influenced his actions.

3 commentaires:

gybexi a dit…

lovely. i'm not being sarcastic.

ca tombe � point kif ighidu l-Francizi ghax illum rajt glieda bejn pulizija u junkie vjolenti jhedded it-turisti gapunizzi b'sikkina(kien fih xi 6"3') - kien hemm bzonn tlett pulizija (u ovvjament 3 karozzi tal-pulizija ghax-show) biex jarrestawh. hehe... ma tantx mar itihom il-basket lura...

more of these stories Jacques please - more of this sweet saudade nurse Zammit just in case (and it's probably a very probable probability) i'll end up "living"/working in Luxembourg sometime soon (next year). sigh.

Antoine Cassar a dit…


Reminds me of when I was in a tiny coastal village somewhere in Lazio (so small I can't even remember the name...), about four years ago. I was waiting for the train and saw the main headline in the local paper: "67enne morso da un sorcio".

Mark Vella a dit…

Yahooo...gej il-gybexi..karma karma karma chameleon