dimanche, juillet 03, 2005

In Absentia

I do have a little to talk about regarding my weekend spent camping in l�Alsace (Burnhaupt le Bas to be exact - ghal dawk li huma moghnija b�karta geografika). However, as I am just out of the shower after a three and a half-hour drive on highways running parallel to the Alsatian Route des Vins I will limit myself to noting what has been going on webwise (and not) in my absence and leave the more clever kind of blogging to when I am less exhausted.

Here goes:

They seemed not to like my blog. He told me about it. She finally stopped complaining and put this act together on the net. He criticised it after dropping out. They have started this which has absolutely nothing to do with this even though it mimics the language. They kept on boating in. The others voted overwhelmingly for the constitution. It happened and included their reunion.

Phew... and there I was thinking being away from it all would be relaxing. Erm.


It was.

It�s nice to be back though.

2 commentaires:

Antoine Cassar a dit…

Hawn, French Fry! Hope you had a great weekend.

Quanne si � cafo', si � cafo'... (Detto Napuletano)

gybexi a dit…

il-french fry. behold.
that's going to be your nickname heneceforth.

(and I'm trying to abstain myself from pointing out that french fries are belgian not french. argh. there you go).