lundi, juillet 25, 2005

Non Sequitur #12

Interesting GOOGLE:

1. Go to
2. In the search area type "matthew vella" and click on Search.
3. When results appear click on "Images"

Why is he here? And him?


*Getting a googleback (c) at an anonymous comment. :)

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Arcibald a dit…

LOL that's a good one... there's Lowell also in the next row.

So you're checking on people's reputations by googling them e? :)

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

Not really I said in the post... just a little joke to get back at matthew's anonymous comment in Non Sequitur #11.

It is interesting though how an 'image' search on people gets weird results. An image search on "jaccques zammit" gets this weird photo (and none of myself). Refining to "jacques rene zammit" (if you can call that refining... thanks mum) gets you no images whatsoever. I am an aniconosapiens.

Arcibald a dit…

In the same way, searching for "Antonio Olivari" brings some photos that I took on 1st May 2004 (of the light show). Nice because I had forgotten all about them.

"Antonio Olivari D'Emanuele" on the othe hand brings nothing. Therefore I suppose I'm an aniconosapiens too (is that good or bad btw?).

Kenneth a dit…

That's excellent because your future employers cannot find your image when they're checking your CVs prior to an interview.

Oh wait, they'll find your blog.

Anonyme a dit…

Jacquesrene - youwearpink (dont forget)


Arcibald a dit…

The problem may not be the future employers, Kenneth, but the current ones. :)

gybexi a dit…

if I "googleimage" my name I get an image of the actual CD of an ultra-obscure CD (actually a special edition CD-r with very elaborate hand-crafted packaging) a Belgian label released and that's it.

call me psychotic - and you'd be quite right really - but I always google people up prior to/after meeting them.

Kenneth a dit…

Gybexi, if you ever meet George W. Bush, just search for "failure".

Anonyme a dit…

dashing young man.... matthew vella