jeudi, juillet 28, 2005

Ghajnsielem... not so calm

1. Does the loss of Ghajnsielem diminish Gozo's parliamentary representation?
Let me see. So when all of Gozo is in one electoral district it could elect 5 MPs. Under the new electoral laws all of Gozo elects 5 MPs plus Ghajnsielem which has a say in the election of at least one MP in the 12th district that makes it potentially 5 +1 MPs. My guess at first glance... no.

2. Does Gozo deserve a regional status?
Of course. It is an island with features distinguishing it from the rest of the archipelago. It has economic and structural disadvantages which merit special attention. If we were to listen to Daphne it is also a cowboyland of criminals where too many murders and such occur. That too merits special attention. Gozo is often seen in international travel reviews without any mention of Malta (and this is not thanks to the Malta Tourist Board or whatever it calls itself now).

3. Do the MLPN show any interest in Gozo?
But of course. They have an interest in those 5 seats in parliament which could make or break a government (sadly enough eh). They pander to the Gozitan populace come election day and slither to the little island for its mini-mass meetings. No respectable leader of any party omits the "u ghawdxin" in his speech, as though the Gozitans merit special mention. Can you imagine starting a message with "Merhba lil Maltin u Mostin kollha?" Of course not. But l-Ghawdxin... how could we forget the Gozitans... they deserve that little extra. Pepper of course. But what plans do they have for Gozo? Fantasy helicopter rides? Inefficient Gozo Channel? golf courses?

4. Does Gozo need special representation?
Of course. The Gozitans should have the guts, balls (and tits) to elect their own in their own name. Forget about your Nationalist or Labourite Gozitan MP. get their own party... a Gozo Party. That would get the right results. Fast. I'm sure Fausto will have a thing or two to say about coalition governments being inefficient... but in Gozo's case Fausto... who cares.... we do not get much out of the MLPN deal anyway!!!

Incidentally this is what I mean by a multi-party system being more efficient for Malta. We need an agora that thinks of ourcountry in realistic terms and regulates efficiently as an efficient city council would. need ideas ...? Pop over to luxembourg and take a look! - urban planning, conservation, economic efficiency... it's all here... now... not stuck in an electoral manifesto that is shred to tatters come post-election day!

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