vendredi, juillet 22, 2005

(Bad) Voting Habits

This is the reason why I started voting AD. I am not a green and I think that Green politics can only be a fringe (but necessary) solution unless they are adapted (as Harry once tried to explain to me) to wider policies like education. I think it is also fitting to state that I am not a partisan (partiggjan/ partitarju) of AD. I have no ties with the party, I am just using my vote in my interests.

I do not easily fit into a political label although my years in politics were as a Christian Democrat (a label which I find myself comfortable with). Christian Democrat is definitely not Nationalist or Labour. The MLPN are too opportunist to deserve any kind of old style political description. At most they are OpinionPollist, at worst they are Sponsorist.

I have decided to vote out dualism for the sake of dualism.

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