samedi, juillet 09, 2005

Miss Islam

In the name of God. B'ism Allah. Death in the name of religion has been the curse of the ages. The three monotheistic religions have, some time in their history, passed through a period of killing and murder in the name of what they believe. Many comments on the Maltese Blogosphere and beyond have echoed questions which had begun to be asked in 2001 - mainly does killing in the name of a religion make sense? Even worse, who is anyone to declare that the will of a God who is all-loving can be the death of his own creation by the hand of another?

The poignancy of it all is underlined by this article in the Times (UK). Shahera Akther Islam, "a beautiful Muslim woman, as comfortable in high heels and jeans as a traditional shalwar kameez" is one of the missing people. Her uncle, Mr Hasan comments that Ms Islam "would have been filled with despair at the bombings. She would have been horrified and questioned the logic of some of these people. Like most other Londoners, she would have been filled with anger towards the bombers. She loved London, and Britain, to the core".

This story brought to mind the moving Miss Sarajevo song during the Balkan crises of the nineties - another war inspired, among other things by religion.

Will we ever learn?

For the Lord your God is a merciful God; He will not fail you or destroy you or forget the covenant with your fathers which He swore to them.
Deuteronomy 4:31

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Is there a time for keeping your distance

A time to turn your eyes away
Is there a time for keeping your head down
For getting on with the day
Is there a time for kohl and lipstick

A time for cutting hair

Is there a time for high street shopping

To find the right dress to wear

Here she comes, heads turn around

Here she comes, to take her crown

Is there a time to run for cover

A time for kiss and tell

Is there a time for different colors

Different names you find it hard to spell

Is there a time for first communion

A time for East 17

Is there a time to turn to Mecca

Is there a time to be a beauty queen

Here she comes, beauty plays the clown

Here she comes, surreal in her crown

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Troilus a dit…

Sadly, I don't think we will ever learn. Do you remember the chorus of 'never agains' spoken and written in the aftermath of World War II? What are they worth now, after Rwanda and Srebrenica, the Khmer Rouge and Radovan Karadic. Maybe politics would be more palatable to some if solemn declarations of intent such as the one I nominated did not so often amount to nothing.

Kenneth a dit…

Einstein's "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones" comes to mind.

I think we would be extremely lucky to just be here when WW4 comes around, let alone having the privilege (sic) to fight with sticks and stones.

I can, after a lot of trying hard, understand a politically-motivated war (though it's still wrong), but how can any sane individual create a war/attack inspired by his religious faith? What's more shocking is that they truly believe God/Allah/any other invention has sent them to Earth specifically to conduct that violent task.

That's just madness.

Jien Hu Alla Tieg?ek, Ma Jkollokx Alla Ie?or G?ajri
?obb lil G?ajrek B?alma T?obb Lilek Innifsek
We??ah lil Missierek u Lil Ommok
La Toqtolx...

Allahu Akbar!

Bertu ta l-Angli a dit…

In my last blogg, without knowing if there truly was any Muslims who lost their life in the London bombings I referred to a muslim son who won't return to his turns out to be a muslim woman. how ironic.