mercredi, juillet 06, 2005

When the Gods Come Down to Play II

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Yesterday evening I was among the lucky persons in Luxembourg who bought tickets for the sold out performance of Warner's production of "Julius Caesar". Having read Maltagirl's superlatives about MADC's performances at San Anton I was beginning to feel that I was missing something from the cultural calendar. This Julius Caesar has been much more than a pleasant surprise. It was more like an epiphany. I am no theatre critic but I do feel that the performance of the seasoned actors was magnificent. The production was impressive. Modern clothes, modern metaphors and modern ambience for a play which I was so ignorant to think was anchored in the past.

Here is the Independent's crit of this production which was rooted at the Barbican and then started a three city tour of Paris, Madrid and Luxembourg. This and this are more crits of the same. Ralph Fiennes as Mark Antony was great. Anton Lesser's Brutus and Simon Russel Beale's Cassius were undescribable. I feel like a child at school trying to use different adjectives not to be repetitive.

This is Theatre. This is Shakespeare. This is what we live for. Why oh why can't I find another ticket....!!!

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MaltaGirl a dit…

So I'm not the only person who wants to see good plays twice... *whew*

I'm glad you enjoyed Julius Cesear - I tried reading it a while ago but got bogged down in it and gave up (call me superficial but I prefer comedies). But I won't let that put me off going to see it when it's next on, since you enjoyed this version :-)

Good luck for getting another ticket!