jeudi, juillet 28, 2005

Kefta & HP Fruity Sauce

I had to drive around Luxembourg on errands this morning. My shopping included a stop at Little Britain (in Rue des Romains) where I bought (among other things) HP Fruity Sauce (my favourite) as well as some real cheddar. A bit further down the same road there is La Zeitouna, a Tunisian Halal shop where the most divine kinds of meat are served. I bought my half kilo of kefta and merguez sausages.

It was only while driving back home listening to the Clash (London Calling) that the thought struck me that while somewhere else in the world people of one culture are busy blowing up people of another for the craziest of reasons, here I was carefully plotting a very good grill of best Halal meat to be dipped in HP's finest.

Not so much a clash but a pot-pourri in my case. If only we all concentrated on the good things in life!

* thanks to Elina & Gary for the directions to the two abovementioned establishments!

2 commentaires:

Athena a dit…

Jacques, I know what you mean. I had to spend Xmas day in Cambridge (no money to fly back), so I rounded up friends to join me for a large Xmas lunch. The group included a Maltese and a South African, two Americans and an Australian. Out of this group, one is atheist, the other agnostic, one non denominational, one Jewish, one in the process of converting. Two are lesbian, three are straight. And we had the best Xmas ever, with food reflecting everyone's background and plenty of laughter. It really is easy to get along.

Enjoy your food:)

Anonyme a dit…

enjoy your food i say too

i know that you might enjoy halal food and a good conversation with a muslim, however it takes only a handful of young muslims (born and bred in the west) to blow up a train station full of people and disrupt an otherwise peaceful civilised and democratic life.. i know you might tell me that i shouldnt be prejudiced on all muslims but the thing is that what's at stake here are our basic values for which we have fought for in the past 200 yrs ..see what's happening in holland..maroccans who want freedom of speech but who are ready to kill whoever dares criticize their religion .. indeed this is rather perverse but not at all surprising

the owner of the halal might not be a fundamentalist busy as he is on his business and raising a family and very happy that he is very good money .. however one of his children might as has happened before turn to fundamentalism.. i dont know what happens psychologically to these persons but i suspect that somehow the stark contast between their rigid education and their everyday life in a european community plays a role in turning themselves to fundamentalism

with this comment im not trying to persuade you from not buying halal or not having a conversation with a muslim (i dont think there is anything wrong) my point is
that we shouldnt be naive or idealistic but realise what's happening