lundi, octobre 03, 2005

Non Sequitur #27

Della Serie: Non Ci Posso Credere! Il Mio Valletta Preferito...
Brave City Embarass Hibs

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Juve's victory over Inter was not the only 2-0 to bring joy to this modest supporter's heart yesterday. In the words of the Times...

Barely six days after the scintillating 5-2 victory over Birkirkara had been greeted with glowing comments about Hibs' status as title challengers, the Paolites came crashing down to earth with a bang yesterday.

Making light of the injury-related absence of several regulars, Valletta drew on their resilience to give their opponents a lesson in tactical discipline and clinical finishing. The reward for Valletta's solid performance was a convincing 2-0 victory which lifted them out of the bottom four and condemned Hibs to their first defeat in six matches.

Valletta's success may have demonstrated their determination to force their way back into the reckoning for a top-six place by the end of the second round but it had a negative effect on the race for the championship.

[This Non Sequitur goes out with a special dedication to him for the Maltese side and to him for the Italian side... we should be expecting a good post about the Palio di Siena in Lanzarote Blog sometime soon :)]

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4 commentaires:

Fausto Majistral a dit…

I know you'll hate me forever more for saying this but ...

Doesn't the Juventine zebra bear an uncanny resemblance to the Jupiler bull?

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

That's because it IS a bull. Contrary to popular belief, the Juve emblem does not carry a zebra in the centre (except when you buy fake gears at the monti!). The animal featuring in the centre is the bull of Augusta Taurinorum (Turin), the city which is home to the greatest club in the world.

Immanuel Mifsud a dit…

grazzi, grazzi hafna ... /x�naqbad nghid?!/

Wolverine a dit…

As always it will be left to �the devil� to try and strip the title away from the clutches of Turin given the usual nerazzurri false dawns. Yawn. Well I�ll see what I can do about tripping Vieira or Nedved down a flight of steps by mistake.

Football everywhere is really becoming dead as a contest.