vendredi, octobre 21, 2005

Bring on the Blondes

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"LONDON: It turns out the doomsayers were partly right: Nearly a year and a half after the expansion of the European Union, floods of East Europeans have washed into Britain. Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians and other Easterners are arriving at an average rate of 16,000 a month, a result of Britain's decision to allow unlimited access to the citizens of the eight East European countries that joined the EU last year. They work as bus drivers, farmhands and dentists, as waitresses, builders, and saleswomen; they are transforming parts of London into Slavic and Baltic enclaves where pickles and Polish beer are stacked in delicatessens and Polish can be heard on the streets almost as often as English. But the doomsayers were also wrong: Multicultural Britain has absorbed these workers like a sponge. Unemployment is still rock-bottom at 4.7 percent, and economic growth continues apace."

Now what? Is it because the Eastern Blonde is more adaptive than the African Tan? Or is it because a pro-active receptivity is in place? Or both? Of course Malta is not the UK. Neither is Italy or Spain for all that matters.

After all the Economist Quality of Life Index lists Malta one step above the UK this year.... so why the hell aren't all these blonde men and women southbound?

and there's more:
"Tens of thousands of East Europeans have also moved to Ireland and Sweden, the only other West European countries that opened their labor markets to the new EU members.

With nearly full employment, Ireland's booming economy still needs workers, and immigration is actively encouraged. More than 128,000 East Europeans from the new EU member states registered to work in Ireland from May 2004 to August this year."

My question, apart from provoking Fausto into another icthus of statistical babble of comparison between the sick economy of Malta and the tiger economy of Ireland and the vast expanses of space in the Hills of Cumbria, is intended to make us stop and examine whether a properly managed immigration policy can become useful. It is a question and does not purport to state any fact!

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gybexi a dit…

m'hemmx bzonnhom l-immigranti sakemm hawn l-ghawdxin f'Malta... anke fuq bicca blogg jaghmlu r-riklami biex idawru lira zejda dawk...

Someday I'd like to blog on why I believe "multiculturalism" will be a catastrophic failure in Malta (for multiculturalism to actually work you'd have to have a host country that is willing to eventually accept them and give them work - this won't happen any time soon and they'll retreat to their own community and create ghettos instead - and then we'll blame them for doing that of course...).

If you hate immigrants and think that they're squandering your precious money on the ignoble and ancient art of sitting around all day wouldn't it thus be logical that you'd prefer them to get off their arses, get a job and start paying taxes instead? Apparentely not.

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

tajba gybex.

those adverts are actually a reaction to this site: . My bet is that the guy does not teach you to do other than become a Network Affiliate. I am sure it does not work and in fact my ads hae had no returns in their first week. You see.... gozitans perform social service. The ads will be removed soon if no progress is made. All proceeds will be funding my blogging costs which amount to around 35€ a month.

Issa... on a more serious note:
1) Multicutluralism and malta sounds like a good post to mirror into postform... so write it... NOW

2) I do hope the petanque challenge is still on... I will be there tomorrow!

PS the word verification on the post is asking me to type "mdildo" first reaction was to ask "fejn"?

gybexi a dit…

hehe. sounds like something a gay homer simpson might say "mmmmm dildo".

petanque is still on - it's raining here today... ha naraw x'inhu gej ghada...

david a dit…

1) J'Accuse has been (rightfully and, it must be said, belatedly) added to the "Those Bloody Immigrants" list on Lanzarote. Dark or blonde, no discrimination.

2) Looking forward to bocci in the rain tomorrow.

A plus!