lundi, octobre 24, 2005

When Negative is Good

This bit of news disappeared quickly into the archives of today as more and more news of the day filled its front page. The Freeport dead birds alarm was false - there is still no avian flu in Malta and we must now make sure the foreign news agencies know that too.

There is however more evidence of bird brained activity as some pranksters are enjoying the joke of dumping dead birds around the country - notably around the MIA parking and Chadwick lakes. As in the case of the bird brained vandalism on Porte des Bombes and Wignacourt acqueducts we must not only condemn but react and get these wrongdoers to the place they deserve... behind bars.
So. Back to the news items. Prepare for some letters to foreign editors (BBC News, La Repubblica etc) if we do not see this good bit of news being published soon.
J'Accuse! Biex int tghix ahjar!

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