lundi, octobre 24, 2005

Gonzi's Green Opposition

I almost forgot that the PN was holding its General Council. The Maltese (and particularly PN) versions of this event are a far cry from party conferences abroad. They are choc-a-bloc with yes men speeches and talks of the "kemm ahna sbieh min jaf jarana" kind. For some time it was an occasion for the geeks who followed american politics within the nationalist party to have their little game at imitating the duh!merican style of presenting leaders and politicians.

Sometimes the charade involved placing all the ministers behind the PM in one big happy family photo ops... others it was him alone with one big background of blue and stars. The one rule was... this is not where to go if you want to follow a challenging discussion on the future of Maltese politics. Even the slogans which were once strong, powerful and thought provoking became a watered down version for the 'kerchief waving freaks to yell in unison.

Back to this weekend. PM Gonzi spoke about the opposition's void of ideas and its inability to come up with proposals for the country's future. I have already been rapped on the hand by Fausto for expecting that the government considers AD's 6-point plan because apparently AD have no right to be a social partner. Now I will expect Fausto to do so again and tell me that AD is not part of the opposition. Of course not. It is not in Parliament. And all the votes that AD will get are useless because unless it gets into Parliament its voice does not count. And that counts for you... the basic message is either yyou join MLPN or forget about thinking. No one will listen. If you do start thinking then you are conceited, big headed and an upstart.

So that should be an eyeopener for you all. Next time there is a kunsill generali grab your 'kerchief, clear your throats and prepare to shout "Viva l-Kap ... biex ahna nghixu ahjar!"

Extracts from the Indy's report:

Dr Gonzi said that the opposition did not come up with any concrete policy on particular issues but was merely focused on deriding every proposal put forward by government. He asked the Labour Party to come up with suggestions on the economy, telecommunications, privatisation and other issues, as all it did was criticise without offering alternatives.


Dr Gonzi also called on the opposition to come up with environment and social reform policies – and not just resort to cheap political games.

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