jeudi, octobre 13, 2005

Normality Inc.

Thursday 13th October. Nothing really.

How about a normal everyday post for once? Of the kind Toni Sant seems to like, the voyeur kind. The mere mortal's Adrian Mole entry:

Today I woke up early but still got to the office late because I had to clean a stinking cat litter.

Today the weather is still pleasant.

Today I ate an undercooked lamb kebab with piquant rice and potato wedges (that's sodhexo's idea of cooking).

Today I bought two plants for my office... an Opuntia (kaktus tal-bajtra) and a Beucarnea (which I liked because of its bulbuous trunk and rasta leaf-style.

Today I moved around the movables in my office because I hate having my office look (and feel) the same for too long a time (it inhibits my thinking cells).

Today I read yet another "for-once-I-agree-with-Daphne-CG" comment for the hundredth time.

Today is not a Lorna Vassallo Thursday.

Today I did not find the right tie to match my shirt and suit but either nobody cares or everybody is too polite to notice.

Today I had to blog late because the internet system at my office was down.

Today I have to finish writing two reports so this window on normality has to be shut down here.

Thursday 13th October. Nothing really. Just another way of saying "Banana".

8 commentaires:

alex a dit…

should i pack sweaters for a visit to luxembourg next week?

Kenneth a dit…

Blogging during working hours... hmm...

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

s'issa bard m'hawnx... ikun hawn ftit frisk filghodu u ftit frisk filghaxija. sweater jew sweaterejn dejjem kunsilljabbli.

Anonyme a dit…

Kenneth is right. I think that you should give an example and do not spend your working hours blogging. A quick look at the timing of your posts shows that you always blog from work. You are getting paid 7,000 Euros a month from the tax payers pockets. Show some respect.

Fausto Majistral a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.
Fausto Majistral a dit…

There's no Lorna but there's Eddie Privitera.

You might remember Eddie Privitera as the standard-bearer of Maltese euroscepticism. Eddie Privitera changed his name to Eddy Privitera soon after the 2003 elections so as not to share his name with Eddie Fenech Adami, only to have Eddie Fenech Adami change his name to Edward Fenech Adami the following year. Looks like Eddy has now reverted back to Eddie.

Wolverine a dit…

Eddie Privitera or Eddy Privitera! LOL what a living joke...Privitera cioe

Jacques René Zammit a dit…

wolverine... why do you not have your own blog?