lundi, octobre 10, 2005

Angela's Ashes

So it will be Fraulein Merkel in the driving seat with Herr Schroeder as navigator. The German Chancellorship barbecue has ended with a smiling Angela rising not-too-phoenix-like out of the ashes of the debacle that left her smitten by the Phyrric victory at the polls. For casual political observers like myself and statistically driven ones like Fausto this election has produced a lovely baby that once the ashes are put aside will be a model of a "Grand Coalition". We will be seeing the workability or otherwise of a Coalition in government. This is no silly coalition... look at the rainbow below and when you think that the first two (not three) big chunks are in government then you start to feel sorry for the greens (can you do that Fausto?). So here's to the Grand Coalition.... and to hoping that it will not be one big cock-up for Angela!

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1. Christian Democrats/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU): 226

2. Social Democrats (SPD): 222

3. Free Democrats (FDP): 61

4. Left Party: 54

5. Greens: 51

P.S. As I type this blog an email from Mark points to this article in l-Orizzont which you will all recognise as the printed organ of the GWU (subject of the boycott). Not all is foul in the state of Denmark!

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Justin Borg Barthet a dit…

'when you think that the first three big chunks are in government...'

The FDP chose not to be part of a grand is only the first two big chunks of the rainbow that will form the government.

Justin Borg Barthet a dit…
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Jacques René Zammit a dit…

verità u mhux vavata
ragun ghandu dwar il-bloggata
ghax in goverment (you see)
parties two there are (not three)

Fausto Majistral a dit…

You must have meant "rotten in the state of Denmark".


Jacques René Zammit a dit…

fair is foul and foul is rotten